‘WWE Superstar’ Ricochet “My role is to encourage people to achieve their dreams”

 ‘Superstar’ Ricochet (35, USA, real name Trevor Dean Mann), who is active in the American professional wrestling WWE (World Wrest;ing Entertainment), greeted Korean fans for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Ricochet recently met with domestic viewers through an online video interview with IB Sports, a Korean WWE broadcaster. Ricochet’s interview will be released through ‘Smackdown’, which will be broadcast live on IB Sports from 10 am on the 21st.

Ricochet is 175 cm 94 kg and has a small physique for a professional wrestler. However, as he overcame such physical disadvantages with his excellent athletic ability and various skills, he became a favorite of professional wrestling fans. The ring name Ricochet means ‘quick as a bullet’ just like his movements.

In particular, the splendid aerial movements that look like they are flying with wings, befitting a special disease called ‘one and only’, are his own trademark that others cannot imitate. He also held the US Champion and Intercontinental Champion once in WWE. 온라인바카라

In an interview with IB Sports announcer Hong Seok-joon, Ricochet said, “My goal in life is to motivate people to achieve their dreams.” But now I can tell you about it because I experienced it.”

“Thanks to so much effort, now I can live in their dreams,” he said. Of course it’s not easy, and I won’t say it’s easy, but I want to show that it’s not impossible.”

Ricochet, who picked ‘The Rock’, who is currently active as a movie star, as his role model, picked ‘Shooting Star Press’ as the best technique that symbolizes him. The Shooting Star Press is an aerial plane that rises to the top of the ring corner and then flies forward while looking forward to the ring, while simultaneously rotating backwards 270 degrees and attacking the opponent. It is considered one of the most beautiful, difficult and dangerous techniques in pro wrestling.

Regarding the reason for choosing the shooting star press among the various techniques he uses, Ricochet said, “It is the most elegant and beautiful technique and can inflict a lot of damage on the opponent.” “The impact is as strong as it looks.”

“I feel a kind of responsibility in the ring to do those skills,” said Ricochet, who is not afraid of the dangerous technique of throwing himself despite the risk of injury. It’s a very natural thing for me,” he said. “I’m not trying to be 100% certain. I know there are a lot of risks, but I enjoy those calculated risks.”

In addition, through an interview with IB Sports, Ricochet shared various interesting stories such as his love story with his fiancé, ring announcer Samantha Irvin, and his determination to participate in the Royal Rumble this month.

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