Who is the Rookie of the Year in both leagues predicted by MLB.com in the 2023 season?

Who will win the rookie of the year in the 2023 season?

On January 9 (Korean time), MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, predicted the Rookie of the Year in both leagues for the 2023 season. Both players received overwhelming support from both leagues.

The first candidate for National League Rookie of the Year was Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Corbin Carroll. Carroll recorded 66% of the vote, far ahead of second place Francisco Alvarez (Metz, 9%).

Carroll, a left-handed outfielder born in 2000, was selected by Arizona with the 16th overall pick in the first round of the 2019 rookie draft. Ahead of his last season, he was rated as a top-20 overall prospect and debuted in the big leagues last year, hitting .260/.330/.500 with 4 homers, 14 RBIs and 2 steals in 32 games.

Carroll, who has very fast feet, not only runs on base, but also has excellent batting ability. He is also a decent player. With Dalton Barshaw leaving the team due to a trade, it is expected that he will take on the role of center fielder and leadoff for the 2023 season. It is evaluated that he is in the most advantageous position to challenge for the rookie of the year, as he has experienced the big leagues last year, has excellent talent, and is in a situation where Arizona, 스포츠토토 which is not in a position to challenge the postseason right away, can provide abundant opportunities.

In the American League, Baltimore Orioles infielder Gunner Henderson got the most votes. Henderson scored 73% of the vote, far ahead of Hunter Brown (HOU) and Tristan Casas (BOS), who each had 9%.

Henderson, a right-handed left-handed infielder born in 2001, was selected by Baltimore in the second round of the 2019 draft. He was rated a top 60 overall prospect prior to his last season and, like Carroll, made his big league debut last year. He appeared in 34 games and recorded .259/.348/.440 with 4 home runs, 18 RBIs and 1 stolen base.

Henderson is projected to start the season as Baltimore’s starting third baseman. Last year’s top prospect, Adley Luchman, had a perfect debut season, and Baltimore, which gained faith in the performance of a top-notch rookie, is expected to spare no support for Henderson, another top-notch prospect.

However, the most anticipated prospect before the start of the season does not necessarily rise to the top rookie position ‘as expected’. In winter and spring, there are many cases where a promising player who has not received much attention becomes the final winner with a limited performance. Attention is focusing on who will be crowned the best rookie in the new season.

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