what a waste! Pena no-hit no-run, Noh Si-hwan consecutive home runs, beat Hanwha and Samsung and achieved 10 wins in the season

The Hanwha Eagles took revenge for the previous day’s defeat with Felix Pena’s reverse fight and Noh Si-hwan’s multi-home run.

Hanwha succeeded in achieving 10 wins (1 draw and 19 losses) of the season by winning 5-1 in the second game of the week against Samsung held at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 10th.

When starter Pena laid the plate with 7 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and 1 run, Noh Si-hwan took the lead with a two-run four in the 4th inning and a home run in the 6th inning.

When Samsung pursued Kang Min-ho with a solo shot that erased Pena’s no-hit and no-run after one out in the 7th inning, Hanwha scored an additional point in the bottom of the 7th inning with rookie Moon Hyun-bin’s timely double and Lee Won-seok’s timely hit.

Pena had the best pitching on the day, the 7th sortie of the season.

He had a perfect streak until one out in the fourth inning. After one out in the 4th inning, a walk given to Kang Han-wool allowed him to go on base for the first time. After two outs in the 6th inning, third baseman Noh Si-hwan sent Pirella out due to an error in throwing, and it was the second on-base.

The number of pitches was only 76 pitches until one out in the 7th inning. Pena, who had been fighting 1 walk and no runs, was thwarted from achieving the record as a 146 km fastball, which went in to catch a ball count from 2 balls to Kang Min-ho after 1 out in the 7th inning, led to a solo home run.

Roh Si-hwan hit Won Tae-in’s changeup and hit a home run for the 2nd season, 1148th in total, and 3rd individual in a row.

Two home runs in one game, the first in three games since the multi-home run against Doosan in Jamsil on the 4th. It was the 6th home run of the season.

Samsung starter Won Tae-in achieved his 3rd quality start of the season with 5 hits, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts and 3 runs in 6 innings in his 6th start of the season. Samsung has ended its 5-game winning streak in Daejeon since June 25 last year. Kang Min-ho of Samsung, who hit his 14th grand slam the previous day, recorded his fifth home run of the season for two days in a row with a solo home run that became the team’s only score that day.

Samsung, which recorded 14 wins and 15 losses, returned the 50% win rate it had returned the previous day in one day. 카지노사이트

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