WBC rules, even St. Louis stars sweat

St. Louis Cardinals players have expressed their position on the fact that some major league rules do not apply in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Paul Goldschmidt (35) said in an online interview conducted in the United States on the 7th (hereafter local time), “(WBC) will need a period of adaptation.”

The WBC Organizing Committee announced the tournament rules the day before. According to the announcement, unlike before, the right to request a video review has been transferred to the director. In addition, the pitch timer, defensive shift restrictions, and base size expansion that apply to the major leagues this season do not apply to this tournament.

Goldschmidt said, “For the level of the WBC, it is not appropriate to have such an impact.” He expressed his dissatisfaction with the difference in regulations between the WBC and the Major League Baseball.

The reason he expressed this dissatisfaction is because there is little difference between the schedules of the WBC and the major leagues. The WBC starts on the 8th of next month and ends on the 21st. The first major league game will start on the 30th of next month. 슬롯사이트 Players who compete in both competitions must train in situations where defensive shift restrictions and pitch timer rules apply and situations where they do not.

In particular, pitchers and infielders have no choice but to sweat. This is because the number of strategies that can be implemented in real situations depends on whether the two restrictions are met or not.

“If something happens to us in the elimination match that we didn’t expect,” Goldschmidt argued, this rule could have an adverse effect. He went on to add, “I will exercise to prevent such assumptions, but it will not be resolved in the short term.”

On the other hand, Nolan Arenado (31), who competed together, expressed a different position. He said, “This WBC seems to have all the national teams more motivated than in previous tournaments,” he said. “I agree not to apply these restrictions. Everyone will probably get used to it in the next competition.”

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