Tottenham coach’s confidence… “I am confident that I will stay in Conte for a long time”

Although there was no agreement on a new contract, he was confident in his long-term future with the team.

British media ’90min’ reported on the 7th (Korean time) that coach Christian Stellini said that he and manager Antonio Conte would stay at Tottenham Hotspur for a long time.

Coach Conte was picked as the new head coach to rescue the team from a slump in the early stages of last season. After he took the helm, Tottenham enjoyed an immediate rise, finishing the season in fourth place and returning to the UEFA Champions League this season.

This season also announced a good start. He continued his good mood, breaking the record for the most points in the first 10 league games.

However, Conte’s future was still uncertain. The possibility of his transfer was constantly raised during the season ahead of the expiration of his contract with the club this coming summer.

Tottenham have the option to extend the contract for another 12 months after the season ends, but want to commit to a long-term future with manager Conte.

However, a new contract has yet to be signed. According to reports, negotiations on renewing the contract began in earnest last month, but there was no news about it afterwards, and as a result, a question mark was raised about the future. 메이저사이트

Despite continuing doubts, Stellini is confident of his long-term future at Tottenham. “We have confidence in this every time. It’s not about contracts. It’s about the project and it’s about the future. We are confident every time.”

“15 months is not a long period. We are moving in the direction we expect in 15 months. That’s why you are confident. Compared to other times in the past, we are in a good moment and as Conte has said many times, we need passion and heart for the job. This is not the time for contracts. We are working hard and the players follow us, so we are confident to stay here for a long time.”

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