There is a man who is uncomfortable with the ‘SON top jackpot’ in my seat.

Not a single person could have laughed heartily.

The ‘SON top’ was a huge success. However, Son Heung-min’s move to center forward has pushed him out of the starting lineup. He’ll be on the bench for the foreseeable future.

“If Son becomes the main goal scorer, it will be even more difficult for him to make a comeback,” British media outlet GiveMeSports reported on June 6 (KST).

Tottenham Hotspur’s new head coach, Enzi Postecoglou, used Son as his frontline striker against Burnley in the fourth round of the Premier League. Heung-min scored a hat-trick in the 5-2 win.

Tottenham sold star striker Harry Kane to Bayern Munich just before kickoff. They didn’t sign a No. 9 striker to replace Kane. The plan was to use him as a successor.

However, he didn’t score a goal until the third round. Postecoglou benched him in favor of Son Heung-min up top and Mano Solomon on the left wing. Son dominated up front, linking up well with playmaker James Maddison.

‘Kane may be hard to replace, but Son has already found a new partner,’ says GiveMeSports. Maddison and Son can recreate the magic of Kane and Son.

Son Heung-min is not your typical frontline striker. He’s not a physically gifted target man, nor is he a sagging striker with tons of creativity.

However, he can break lines with his instantaneous penetration, is incredibly lethal with his shot from outside the box, and his short forward passes are very sharp. When Son Heung-min drops into the second line, opposing defenses have no choice but to follow and space is naturally created. 스포츠토토

This creates a great synergy with Maddison, who is both a scorer and a creator. It remains to be seen if it will work against the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City, but so far, so good.

The inevitable sacrificial lamb. With Tottenham adding flanker Brennan Johnson on transfer deadline day, he only had more competition.

‘He has to prove himself,’ said GiveMeSports. He needs to score goals.

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