The MLB second baseman who holds the record for most home runs, why is he being ignored?

The official name of the American Baseball Hall of Fame is ‘National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’. It was launched in 1936, and it was in 1939 that the museum was established and the dedication ceremony began. There is a museum in Cooperstown, a very small city in New York State, India 1794.

The Baseball Hall of Fame was the first to be inaugurated not only in major American sports but also in all fields. Baseball started ahead of all competitions, including labor-management agreements, annual salary adjustments, and the introduction of free agents. This is the background of what is called ‘National Pastime’. Hockey was launched in 1943, after baseball. It is based in Toronto, Canada. It is about a 15-minute walk from the Rogers Center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays of the Major League Baseball.

The Hall of Fame is an individual’s highest honor. In the United States, the only thing that can surpass the famous war is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Maybe that’s why baseball is very difficult to enter compared to other sports. Following the vote of the American Baseball Journalists (BBWAA), baseball is the only entry through two routes through the committee. For other events, the passage of the committee determines whether or not to join the Myungjeon. The same is true for other stocks with more than 75% support.

However, since baseball has close to 400 voters, voting tendencies vary depending on the region and taste of reporters. The only thing unanimous is former New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, a 2019 member. Baseball has 342 members as of 2023. Of these, 270 are players. Among the 270 people, only 136 legends received more than 75% of the votes of the American baseball reporters. It is as hard as a camel going through the eye of a needle.

Hockey (NHL), founded in 1943, has 417 Myeongjeon members. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, located in Canton, Ohio, opened in 1963. 362 people are exhibited. Football selects from 4 to 8 players each year. Members of the 49 subcommittees vote. Basketball is the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. It is a memorial hall built by Canadian doctor James Naismith in memory of the inventor of basketball. It is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Basketball was launched in 1959 and enrolled members of the Myeongjeon, and the museum facility was built in 1968. Currently, 401 world-class basketball legends are registered.In baseball, it is always on the cutting board to what extent the voting of the American Baseball Journalists guarantees fairness. That’s why there is a remedy through the committee. In the vote announced on the 25th, only one former Philadelphia Phillies third baseman, Scott Rolen, won the support of the reporters and became a member in 2023. As a third baseman, he is the 18th member in his career. It is a case of becoming a member with 76.3% in 6 years, using the lowest 10.2% support in the baseball reporters vote in the first year of 2018 as a stepping stone.

On this day, the candidate who has lost the support of the press corps after 10 years of qualification is former SF Giants second baseman Jeff Kent (54). It received only 46.5% support from 181 people. Kent now has no choice but to seek relief from the ‘Contemporary Baseball Era Committee’.

Second baseman Kent is a candidate who deserves to enter the Myeongjeon. During his 17 years in the MLB, he was active for 17 years in 6 teams including the New York Mets, Giants and LA Dodgers. He is a five-time All-Star, four-time Silver Slugger and National League MVP in 2000. Rolen has never been awarded an MVP. He has a career batting average of 0.290, 377 home runs, 1518 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.855. 메이저사이트 His batting average, home runs, and RBI are all ahead of third baseman Rolen. But reporters completely ignored him.

Even so, the reason why Kent should be a Myeongjeon member is because he holds the record for the most home runs at the second base position. He hit 351 home runs, the most by a second baseman. The MLB record for most home runs by position is 37, catcher Mike Piazza 396, third baseman Mike Schmidt 509, shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. 345, left fielder Barry Bonds 725, center fielder Willie Mays 635, right fielder Sammy Sosa 538, and designated hitter David Otis 485. All of them are members of the Hall of Fame, except for Sosa and Bonds, who are drug suspects. All selected by baseball reporters.

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