‘Scary LG high school rookie’ already pitched 9 more innings than planned, I want to save, but it’s not easy

The manager’s praise for LG Twins rookie Park Myung-geun (19) is unending. He is the most reliable pitcher in the LG bullpen right now.

LG pulled off an 8-6 come-from-behind victory against SSG Landers on April 28 at SSG Landers Field in Incheon. The win allowed LG to close the gap on SSG.

With a four-point deficit, LG head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop made a bold decision to play a must-win game, and it paid off. The batting lineup of Ham Deok-ju, Jung Woo-young, and Park Myung-geun was able to prevent any further losses and the bats broke out. After the comeback, Go Woo-seok completed the four-game win streak 메이저놀이터.

Park Myung-geun’s performance should be mentioned here. He took the mound as the team’s fifth pitcher in the bottom of the seventh inning with the score 4-6.

Park faced a center field lineup of Choi Jeong, Eredia, and Park Sung-han. Park got Choi to fly out to right field with one pitch, and Heredia quickly followed suit. With two pitches, he cooked a pitcher’s grounder. He then threw three pitches to Park Sung-sung, who flied out to right field.

In the top of the eighth, the bats responded. Shin Min-jae, Hong Chang-ki, and Kim Hyun-soo hit RBI singles to make it 7-6.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yup then pushed Park Myung-geun. Park came on in the bottom of the eighth and gave up a leadoff single to Choi Ji-hoon, but he retired the next three batters on a fly ball and a strikeout to complete his mission.

With this performance, Park is now 34-3 with a 2.83 ERA in 35 innings pitched in 34 games this season.

Manager Yoon Kyung-yeop was the only rookie to bring Park to spring training, which shows how much he expects from him. He hasn’t been sent down to the second team since the start of the season.

“I originally planned to cut Myung-geun in the first inning, but when we scored, I pushed him. If the game hadn’t turned around, I would have kept Kim Jin-sung in, but Myung-geun is a stronger card.”

Park’s pace is very good right now. However, he’s playing more innings than expected, which is a concern.

“I want to make sure he has a good rest day. He’s a rookie, so it’s a burden to send him out there, but we have to win the game, so we have to keep him out there. It’s more innings than I thought. I want to spare him, but I have to pitch him to win the game.”

Yoon had planned for Park to pitch 25 innings at this point. However, he has pitched 34 innings, nine over.

토토사이트추천 “It is important for Myung-geun to play a full season without injury until the end of the season. If he finishes well, he will have gained great experience. Yoo Young-chan and Baek Seung-hyun failed. They need to experience the same thing again next year. “If Myung-geun does this this year, he can do the same next year,” he said.

Not far behind in the Rookie of the Year race He’s just less talked about than Moon Dong-joo (Hanwha) and Yoon Young-chul (KIA).

Coach Yeom Kyung-yup said, “I think Myung-geun is doing the best in terms of performance and content. He’s playing the role of a pinch-hitter, and his content is good.”

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