retaliatory consumption? Golfers go abroad to avoid expensive green fees

Since the end of last year, when there are signs that the Corona 19 pandemic is coming to an end, overseas golf tours have been rapidly increasing along with overseas travel. Incheon International Airport Corporation announced on December 4 last year that the number of passengers using Incheon Airport exceeded 110,000. 54,191 departed and 55,949 arrived, for a total of 110,140.

It is the first time in 1,021 days since February 17, 2020, that the number of Incheon Airport users has exceeded 110,000. This phenomenon continues into the new year. The daily average number of passengers using Incheon Airport is 113,900, and the number of travelers going abroad through Incheon Airport is an average of 57,000 per day. An official from Incheon International Airport Corporation said that in January 2019, before Corona 19 began, the average number of 196,000 people recovered to about 60%.

Many of the travelers are golfers carrying caddy bags, and it takes more than an hour to check in on weekends and holidays. It is interpreted that the reason why overseas golf tourists are so rapidly increasing is that the desires of golfers who have not been able to go out for three years due to Corona 19 are flocking together. It is also the result of the psychology of enjoying golf in warm Southeast Asia rather than playing golf in Korea in cold winter weather.

Another reason for the rapid increase in overseas golf travelers is that domestic golf course fees have risen dramatically during the COVID-19 period. In other words, for the same price, you can go abroad and choose a schedule to play golf in good weather while enjoying the feeling of travel.

The psychology of golfers who want to go abroad is well reflected in the survey. In a survey conducted by Leisure Newspaper last year, only 25.1% of respondents said they had no overseas golf plans, and the remaining 74.5% responded that they were thinking about overseas golf. 온라인바카라.

Among them, 43.6% of golfers who think of less than 2 million won as their budget for overseas golf trips this winter recorded the highest response rate. ‘When asked how many days they plan to go on an overseas golf trip, 56.8% of golfers answered that they prefer 3 to 5 days. Next, the response rate of golfers who think from the 5th to the 7th ranked second with 28.2%.

When asked which country they would like to go on a golf trip to, Thailand topped with 23%, followed by Vietnam with 21% and the Philippines with 11%, followed by Japan and Hawaii. China, which ranked high in previous surveys, failed to rank in this survey, proving that China’s preference has cooled.

One golfer who responded to the survey said, “I haven’t been able to find a golf course since the year before last when Corona started. To some extent, the corona situation has stabilized and if conditions allow, I want to go on a golf trip abroad,” he said , showing his willingness to flexibly plan overseas golf trips depending on the situation.

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