‘Release Crisis’ as KIA bullpen hope… The tower built for 6 years, now it’s time to light it up

The change came really, really accidentally and dramatically. It was one day when I couldn’t play catch normally because my neck was stuck. In order to give as little stimulation to the area caught in the fence as possible, it started by simply lowering the arm and throwing a ball to lightly warm up the body. Then the form came into someone’s eyes.

At the time, Kim Gyeong-tae, the pitching coach of the SK Futuresteam (second team), and others around him said to Kim Dae-yu (32‧KIA), “The form looks good. He recommended throwing it like that once.” Dae-Yoo Kim, who had no intention of changing his form at all, was labeled an overhand pitcher literally without hesitation. His arm height continued to come down in the process of finding a balance through Kim Dae-yu’s own efforts, and he became his current form. The wall that came to his neck was an amazing turning point that made Kim Dae-yu a completely different player.

Even until the time he was nominated by the Heroes, even until the time he wore the SK uniform, he was a highly anticipated pitcher. He was a lefty with a strong build and a fairly fast pitch. However, he kept getting sick, and after playing in 9 games for the 1st team in 2014, he continued to stick to the 2nd team. I was just becoming a second-team player. Now, after wasting another year or two, it was time to get on the release list. Kim Dae-yu, recalling the time, nodded his head. So it was a more dramatic change.

In order not to be released, we had to show the possibility. The change in form was a survival strategy to catch a left-handed hitter in the first team. It was very awkward at first. Kim Dae-yu also recalled, “It felt like an overhand pitcher throwing it sideways.” It was the same with his form and the way he used the home plate. Overhand pitchers use the upper and lower zones, but sidearm pitchers have to think about the left and right zones first. Not only the form has to change, but the way we think and view the game itself has to change. It was an adventure and a gamble. If it went wrong, 온라인카지노 it was just retirement.

Fortunately, it worked. The left-handed sidearm itself was rare in the KBO league. In addition, Kim Dae-yu was tall and had relatively long arms. As the ball turned around and flowed outside the left-handed hitter, left-handed batters gradually began to remember Kim Dae-yu as a “difficult player.” Kim Dae-yu, who made the foundation at SK, started throwing the ball in earnest after moving to kt. And he blossomed at LG. In the past five years, Kim Dae-yu has become a pitcher whose form and status have changed.

It was not a result of simply changing the form. There was a lot of effort. During fall camp, he always had a lot of pitches. During spring camp, he volunteered for night training. While others were resting, Kim Dae-yu threw the ball while breathing in the evening air. In order to adapt to the new form, he secretly sweated to create a new balance. As he kept throwing like that, little by little he began to see something, and as a result of walking hard along the way, the current result was created. 5 years was a struggle, but it was also a fun time.

Kim Dae-yu said, “It took five years to complete the current form. He has changed a lot in how he uses his body, and I think his point has been fixed to some extent since he was at kt. This is the point at which I realized that ‘I can throw this like this’,” he said. This feeling is something only you can know, but no matter how much we talk about it, we can’t feel it. Let’s throw a lot and catch up and prepare for spring camp’. That may have been the reason why things worked out in the future,” he humbly gave credit to the leaders.

In the last two years, he has played 123 games and recorded 37 holds and an ERA of 2.09, becoming a player who does not have to worry about being released. Kim Dae-yu said that he felt proud as he looked back on the path he had walked. In fact, changing the pitching form is often the last gamble of active service, and even if it is a topic, if you look at it a year later, there are many cases in which the player has already disappeared. However, Kim Dae-yu is an extremely exceptional case who survived despite extreme pitching form adjustments. This can be a good example for juniors who are still struggling with the same problem.

Kim Dae-yu said, “The road I have walked is not glamorous, but it seems to be worthwhile. Aren’t there many cases where players who make changes last only a year or half a year, or are not seen at all? Looking at it that way, it’s pretty gratifying. There is also the point of ‘Now my value has been created’, and as a result, I think my self-esteem is growing little by little. In the future, I may have something to tell someone about this part again. I think I gained one more piece of knowledge that others don’t know,” he smiled.

The achievements and skills created through hard work were recognized once again. The KIA nominated Kim Dae-yu as a compensation player for transferred FA catcher Park Dong-won. The KIA, which is evaluated as having a relatively weak left-handed bullpen, hopes that Kim Dae-yu will become a player who dominates the game, just as he did at LG. Kim Dae-yu laughed, saying, “I signed a contract for a house to live in Gwangju,” and promised to prepare for the season responsibly, saying, “The club officials are also looking forward to it.”

It’s too hard to get rid of it. Experts who are watching Kim Dae-yu’s training go so far as to say, “There is no need to exercise that much right now.” It is Kim Dae-yu’s desire to leave a good image and good grades in his first season at KIA. He believes that is the best reward for the team that selected him. Kim Dae-yu said, “I will do my workouts coldly and calmly so as not to get hurt, with a different resolution.” He has the confidence to play more than 60 games,” he said proudly. Silently, it is unlikely that the tower built up over six years will collapse easily. Rather, now may have come the time to light up splendidly.

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