‘Red Sword→Destroyed Sword’ Incheon Shin Jin-ho, “It will be meaningful with Lee Myung-joo in the league’s best 11”

Ahead of the 2023 season, Shin Jin-ho (35, Incheon United), who left the Pohang Steelers and changed to an Incheon United uniform, revealed a solid goal.

Shin Jin-ho has to adapt to the completely different color of his uniform. It changed from red and black horizontal stripes (Pohang) to blue-black vertical stripes (Incheon). In a recent phone interview with this magazine, he said, “As time passes and I play games, the awkwardness (about the color of the uniform) will disappear.” I also feel apologetic because I seem to have made the fans feel sorry for me when I left the team that I poured my heartfelt affection into.”

Shin Jin-ho, who was greatly loved by Pohang fans, chose to transfer with one year left on his contract. Various teams courted him, but his choice was Incheon. Incheon, which is participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) for the first time in the club’s history, quickly reinforced its strength ahead of the new season. Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan was eager to recruit Shin Jin-ho, but he had already built a squad, so it was difficult to meet the transfer fee and annual salary. However, Jeon Jeon-soo, CEO of Incheon, readily agreed and the deal was made.

Shin Jin-ho said, “I knew that coach Seong-hwan Cho always emphasized the original team. Last year, I felt that Incheon moved together and was organized. The coach also jokingly said from last year that if there is a chance, let’s do it together, but the (transfer) choice had an impact,” he said.

Although Shin Jin-ho is in his mid-30s, he is still the K-League representative ‘soccer guru’. His vigorous activity and sophisticated kick stand out. His playmaking ability is also excellent. He played in 32 K-League 1 matches last season, recording 4 goals and 10 assists, writing a career high. He showed an overwhelming performance enough to win one spot in the season’s best 11.

The K-League top midfielder Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho’s combination is already gathering great expectations. 먹튀검증 The two ate together in Pohang in the past and have maintained a close relationship. Shin Jin-ho said, “As experience accumulates, I have a lot of free time. Since his childhood, he has always tried to improve rather than settle down. He is not a style obsessed with his age,” he said. There are many good players in Incheon’s midfield. Not only Myeongju, but also Yeoreum, Lee Kang-hyun, and Lee Dong-soo and breathing are important.”

Shin Jin-ho said, “Being in the best 11, I felt good because he seemed to have played well for a season. If possible this year, I really want to enter the Best 11,” he said. I think it will be very meaningful if we get it together.”

The joining of Shin Jin-ho thrilled not only the fans but also the players. Incheon center back Kim Dong-min said, “We need to raise the team goal.” Shin Jin-ho said, “It is important to aim for better results than last year. Incheon won 13 wins last season, and I hope it becomes a team that can win a little more.” If the opportunity arises, I want to advance to the finals, go beyond the round of 16 and the quarterfinals, and challenge myself to the semifinals.”

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