Pittsburgh is the best in ‘WBC collapse and salary adjustment loss’, but 2023 starts with disappointment

Choi Ji-man (32) of the Pittsburgh Pirates suffered another disappointing event just a week after his participation in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC) was cancelled.

According to MLB.com on the 18th (Korean time), Choi Ji-man’s 2023 annual salary was confirmed at $4.65 million (approximately 6.45 billion won). Originally, after being traded to Pittsburgh from the Tampa Bay Rays in November last year, Choi refused to accept the salary offered by the club and wanted 5.4 million dollars (approximately 7.02 billion won), but the Major League Salary Adjustment Committee sided with the club.

The Salary Adjustment Committee, which consists of three panels, listens to the opinions of both the club and the players and makes a decision by majority vote. Choi Ji-man even went to the Salary Adjustment Committee in 2021 when he was in Tampa Bay. At the time, he received the $2.45 million he hoped for, not the $1.85 million offered by the club, but this time, the Salary Adjustment Committee seems to have made this decision after reviewing Choi’s performance and elbow injury history last year.

Choi Ji-man participated in 113 games last year and recorded a batting average of 0.233, an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.774, 11 homers, and 52 RBIs. He endured pain during the season and underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow in November last year.

The aftermath of the surgery had a big impact on the selection of the national team. Originally, Choi Ji-man was named in the WBC national team entry (30 players) announced by the KBO Technical Committee on the 4th of last month. However, due to the club’s dissuade, concerned about his physical condition, he was unable to wear the Taegeuk mark. 안전놀이터 The WBCI, the organizing committee of the tournament, held an injury review committee after receiving the club’s opposition, and reviewed whether or not to allow Choi Ji-man to participate and made this decision.

Choi Ji-man’s disappointment was very great. On the 6th, he said, “I was notified by the KBO (who was informed of the opposition to participation by the WBCI) that I could not play for the WBC Korean national team. Every athlete dreams of wearing the Korean flag on their chest. He couldn’t tell how happy he was when he made the national team roster. He expressed great disappointment and frustration at not being able to participate.”

The club tried to appease Choi Ji-man, but it will take some time for his mind to calm down due to a series of disappointing events, such as the failure to participate in the WBC and the loss in the salary adjustment lawsuit. General manager Ben Sherington and coach Derek Shelton are constantly trying to talk with Choi Ji-man.

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