Pitcher Cy Young left MLB due to sex crimes… Shocking performance before debut in Japan

It was a pitch worthy of a Cy Young Young graduate from the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB). Right-hander Trevor Bauer, wearing the Yokohama Baystars uniform of the Japanese Professional Baseball, became the winning pitcher in his debut game. Bower was kicked out of MLB in 2021 for sexual assault.

Bower started in a home game against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, a Japanese professional baseball team held at Yokohama Stadium in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan on the 3rd, and led the team to a 4-1 victory with 7 hits (1 home run), 9 strikeouts, 1 walk and 1 run in 7 innings. He had a total of 98 pitches and his highest velocity was 155 km.

Bauer, who had not started a real game since June 2021, showed off his heyday-level skills on this day.

Bower, who played 10 seasons in the MLB from 2012 to 2021, recorded a career record of 83 wins and 69 losses with an ERA of 3.79.

In particular, he won double-digit multipliers for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019, and won the National League Cy video in the 2020 season when he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

Using this as a stepping stone, Bower signed a 3-year, $102 million free agent contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, in 2021, the first year of his contract, he was investigated by US prosecutors for allegedly committing assault while having sex with a woman. Eventually, he was suspended for 194 games by the MLB Secretariat.

As a result, the Dodgers released Bower in January of this year. No club wanted to sign him who couldn’t play for more than one season. Bower chose to go to Japan, accepting Yokohama’s offer of 400 million yen (3.9 billion won) for a year. 먹튀검증

Yokohama treated Bauer especially. It created an atmosphere where the fact that he was accused of sexual assault was not mentioned as much as possible.

At the same time, he received a membership fee of up to 2.2 million yen (21.5 million won) and recruited Bower’s VIP fan club. A special T-shirt with Bower’s image was also sold.

Thanks to Yokohama’s active marketing activities, more than 30,000 spectators gathered before his debut.

After the game, Bower said in an interview with local media, “I felt good” and “I tried to throw the ball as usual.

According to the Associated Press, a fan in Yokohama said, “I know Bower has had trouble in the past, but he hasn’t been convicted.”

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