MAXFC Super Middleweight Champion Jeong Seong-jik, 2nd defense on July 15… The challenger is Jang Bum-seok

MAX FC, Korea’s largest standing martial arts organization, announced the holding of the ‘MAX FC 24 IN Iksan’ competition to be held at the Iksan Indoor Gymnasium on July 15th.

토스카지노 The main match revealed is the second title defense of super middleweight champion Jung Sung-jik (34, Seoul PT365). The opponent is Jang Bum-seok (28, Daegu Team Han Club) who won the semi-final tournament for the ‘Contender League 21’ super middleweight championship challenger held in Daegu last January.

Jeong Seong-jik became the second champion against the first champion Hwang Ho-myeong (44, Uijeongbu DK) at the ‘MAX FC 21’ competition held in November 2020. In December 2021, at the ‘MAX FC 22’ competition, he successfully played the first defense against Kim Hyun-min (38, Seoul Sabi MMA). After that, he raised his weight class and challenged for the title of unrestricted tournament champion three times, but he could not cross the threshold of strength and stamina of the heavyweight division.

Jeong Seong-jik said, “After becoming a champion, I found myself a little lazy. So I challenged players in the upper weight class, and although I am a champion, I also participated in the semi-professional First League and continued to challenge myself with competition.”

“I don’t want to occupy a place by boasting that I am a champion. I just want to have as many games as possible and continue my career as a player,” he said. “This second defense is the same. It is just one of the many matches I have to play in the future,” he said.

The challenger, Jang Bum-seok, is the strongest unknown fighter in his 10th year of debut. He had various experiences such as 4 wins and 3 KO wins in 6 matches and 8 matches in mixed martial arts, boxing, sambo, and judo in MAXFC alone. He has already played against Jeong Seong-jik twice in general and standing.

Jang Bum-seok said, “I did my best for 10 years and played the game. In his first debut match, there was a difference in skill with Jung Seong-jik,” he said. “I thought I won last year’s unlimited level tournament, but I lost by decision.”

“It will be different this time. The last challenger decision semi-final tournament was the best experience I’ve ever had,” he said out loud, “I want to succeed in revenge and win the championship belt using this feeling.”

Lee Yong-bok, CEO of MAXFC, said, “I have been preparing for this year’s first main event with great care for a long time.”

In addition, “I expect to be able to show the essence of standing martial arts to the extent that all matches are regarded as main matches,” he said. We ask for your interest and encouragement.”

This ‘MAXFC 24 IN Iksan’ will be held at the Iksan Indoor Gymnasium Special Ring in Iksan, Jeonbuk. It will be held as a professional competition with spectators admitted. All seats except VIP seats are free admission.

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