Man Utd ‘Don’t come back!’, Anthony ‘I don’t deserve this!’…143 billion player’s alleged assault on ex-girlfriend sparks outrage

The club announced on its website on Tuesday (July 10), “The club has been made aware of the allegations against Anthony. Players who have not participated in international matches are expected to return to training on the 11th. However, Anthony has agreed to delay his return until further notice in order to resolve the allegations.”

Anthony arrived at United last summer with manager Eric ten Hagg and was expected to be the first-choice striker. However, he did not live up to expectations. Despite costing a combined €100 million in transfer fees, his performances left much to be desired.

This season, in his second year at United, he seemed determined to be different. His defensive involvement has improved significantly. He consolidated his position as a first-team regular this season and seemed to be on a roll, earning a call-up to the Brazilian national team.

Suddenly, he was involved in an assault case. The Brazilian Football Federation announced through its official channels on Friday that Manchester United’s Anthony would be released from his call-up. The reason was shocking. He was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Gabriela Cavallin, who was in a relationship with Anthony, alleged that he assaulted her in a Manchester hotel room in January. She allegedly suffered head wounds and additional physical harm.

Brazilian outlet UOL Esporte reported, “Anthony is being investigated for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. Evidence of his threats and physical violence against her has been obtained from witnesses in the form of photographs, videos, conversations, and testimonies. During the course of the investigation, we were able to identify injuries to Gabriela Cavallin that exposed her bones.”

In an interview, Kavalin said, “Anthony locked the door to the house and wouldn’t let me out. He spread my fingers apart and hurt them. He broke my things, took my passport. His mother and stepfather locked him inside the soccer field, and he was angry, trying to get out of the field in any way. He threw a soccer ball at me, he threw his cell phone. He said he was going to kill me, he said he was going to kill himself.”

Anthony denies it outright. “I felt the need to speak out because I was the perpetrator, and I have already spoken to the police and they are taking it seriously. I can’t disclose the exact details because it’s still under investigation, but for now, all allegations are false. Evidence will continue to come out that I am innocent. We may have had an argument, but there was no assault. For clarity, I will wait for the Brazilian authorities to act. The truth will come out,” he said.

A spokesperson for Anthony also said, “We are silent because we are in the middle of an investigation at a police station in São Paulo, Brazil. Mr. Anthony will not speak about his side of the story until the case is decided in court.”

As the allegations continued to surface, Anthony told Brazil’s Fofocalizando on September 9: “I never pulled her hair. I never threatened her. There are many things that Gabriela said that are not true.”

He also claimed that the published WhatsApp conversation was a fabrication. “There are some things that have been altered on Gabriela’s part. I would send her messages asking for forgiveness and she would delete them. She manipulated, and I have all this evidence,” he said.

He strongly denies that there was any violence. “I hit a woman in the chest? She fell in the bathroom and told me she had a problem with her breast implants,” he said. Finally, he addressed the rumors of a contract termination with United, saying, “It’s not on my mind. The truth will come out,” he said confidently.

Despite Anthony’s denials, United withheld judgment for now. A women’s organization called Women;s Aid called for Anthony to be banned. “Domestic abuse is widespread in our society and all employers, including football clubs, need clear policies and procedures on how to deal with allegations against employees,” the organization said.

“When the perpetrator is a high-profile footballer, it affects football fans and wider society – when they play on the pitch and are respected, it can mean that the allegation is not taken seriously by the club. While the process is ongoing, (the suspension) is necessary to ensure the safety of those involved.”

While the organization’s allegations were not accepted, it appears that the matter was too serious to be swept under the rug. “The club is aware of the allegations against Anthony and notes that the police are carrying out an investigation,” the club said on its website on Saturday. Until further information is available, the club will make no further comment. We take this matter seriously, given the impact these allegations and subsequent reports have had on survivors of abuse,” the club said, adding that it had delayed his return.

In response to the club’s decision, Anthony said: “I have agreed not to return to United while I try to prove myself to clear my name. It was a mutual agreement to avoid distracting my colleagues and causing unnecessary controversy at the club.”

“I am completely innocent. I want to say it again: I will cooperate fully with the police to find out the truth. I will cooperate fully with the police to find out the truth.” “Anthony has not been disciplined,” said the British publication The Athletic. He will be paid during his absence. Van Gaal, the hierarchy at United have all signed off on it and we’ll see how it goes from here.”

Further revelations are also emerging, further complicating the situation. “Anthony faces fresh abuse allegations from two women,” James Ducker of The Telegraph reported on August 8. Rachel Freitas and Ingrid Ranner have made the allegations against him,” James Dirker reported.

“Influencer and law student Racer Freitas claims she suffered physical injuries after being assaulted by Anthony and a woman in May last year. Brazilian newspaper Extra reported that Freitas claimed to have reported the incident to São Paulo police on May 20 last year, which required hospital treatment.”

“Another woman, banker Ingrid Ranner, claimed in a television interview with ‘Record’ journalist Roberto Cabrini that she was pressured by Anthony for sex during a business trip to the U.K. last year. She alleged that he invited her to his home, pushed her against a wall and hit her head.”

“He was trying to have a relationship with me, but I didn’t want it. He pushed me against the wall, and I hit my head. My purpose was business. When I got there at his invitation, I realized he had an ulterior motive,” Ranner confessed to the media.

Meanwhile, the allegations of assaulting Anthony have caused further turmoil for United. The club has been rocked by off-field antics this season. First, the club’s direction was shaken when owner Glazer pulled out of the sale. Qatar Capital and others were interested in the club, but they couldn’t reach an agreement with Glazer. Then came the Greenwood saga.

Greenwood’s career as one of United’s top prospects went from bad to worse in one fell swoop when his girlfriend, Harriet Robison, came forward. “To all those who want to know what Greenwood is really doing to me,” she wrote on her personal social media accounts, sharing photos of her bloodied face and body parts with clear bruising marks.

Surprisingly, it was her boyfriend, Greenwood, who was arrested for assaulting Robinson. Shortly after the incident, Manchester Police released a statement saying, “We received a video of Greenwood’s girlfriend being assaulted on social media. We have arrested Greenwood on suspicion of rape and assault.”

Following his arrest, Greenwood was suspended from the Manchester United first team. After his arrest, Greenwood was granted bail and did not spend time in jail, but the club took a strong stance. In February, the Manchester Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop the case while an investigation into Greenwood’s alleged sexual assault was ongoing.

The withdrawal of key witnesses from the trial made it impossible to prove that Greenwood had committed sexual assault. A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service also said that “the combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses from the case and new material coming to light meant that there was no longer a realistic prospect of a conviction.”

With no clear verdict on whether Greenwood was guilty or innocent, United decided to conduct an internal investigation. The internal investigation, which began in February, lasted six months and ultimately led to Greenwood’s parting of ways with the club.

Greenwood went to Getafe. Getafe officially announced on their website that they had “agreed to loan Greenwood to Manchester United” on June 2. The deal is for one season, until June 2024.

Five days after the loan deal was announced, Greenwood posted a photo of himself in a Getafe jersey on social media. At the same time, Getafe announced on their official social media channels that Greenwood will wear the number 12 shirt. 카지노사이트

In response to the backlash over Greenwood’s signing, head coach Jose Bordallas said, “This is too sensitive a situation to trivialize. Everyone knows that the people and the relevant authorities did what they had to do and it ended with an acquittal. Therefore, he is a free man and a footballer of a very high level. Obviously, we can only talk about football. We all know the potential he has. He is a very young kid. He’s a very young player with good potential, so I think he can develop a lot,” said Dudun.

Sancho was next. After the Arsenal game, manager Eric ten Haag explained why Sancho was left out of the squad, “Sancho was not called up on the basis of his performance in training. At United, you have to reach the highest level every day. That’s why he was not selected for this game 카지노사이트.”

However, Sancho quickly responded with an official statement. “Please don’t believe everything you see,” he wrote on his personal X (formerly Twitter). I’m not going to allow people to say things that aren’t completely true, I believe I trained very well this week, I believe there are other reasons why I didn’t make the list,” he said in a strongly worded response.

“I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time. All I want to do is play soccer with a smile on my face and contribute to the team. I respect every decision the coaching staff has made, and I’m grateful to be playing with a fantastic group of players and to have a challenge every week. I will continue to fight for this badge no matter what,” he added.

Most of the public opinion is on Van Gaal’s side. Since taking over as United boss, Mourinho has gone out of his way to help Sancho, even allowing him to work with him in private for extended periods of time when he was not performing well and was mentally shaky. Nevertheless, Sancho’s performance did not meet the expectations of Van Gaal.

“Sancho is struggling to regain the support of his United teammates and Van Gaal,” ESPN reported. ‘The players are fed up with him,’ one source said, adding that there is little sympathy for Sancho inside the United locker room.”

From the failed takeover, to the Greenwood and Sancho incidents, to the Anthony assault allegations, the atmosphere at the club has been turbulent. On top of that, the team’s record is not good and its play is not satisfactory. Freshmen like Mason Mount and Sofiane Amrabat have gone down with injuries. This is a very bad start to the season for United, both on and off the field.

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