‘Lux knee injury → season out’ Dodgers missing shortstop, utility Taylor, right?

Los Angeles Dodgers have a hole in the shortstop position. This is because Gavin Lux, who was supposed to be the starting shortstop instead of Trey Turner, who transferred to the Philadelphia Phillies, seriously injured his right knee. 

Good news has been delivered to the Dodgers, who are groaning over unexpected injuries. Multiplayer Chris Taylor confidently said he could fill Lux’s injury void. He was scheduled to play left field this season, but the number of appearances at shortstop is likely to increase. 

The American sports media Sports Illustrated’s fan community ‘Inside the Dodgers’ said on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time), “Gavin Lux suffered a serious right knee injury and has been unable to play all season. We have to think of ways to fill it,” he pointed out.  저금통 토토

“Taylor raised his voice saying he was ready to play shortstop instead of Lux. Taylor, who can play a variety of positions including second baseman, third baseman and center fielder, said with confidence that he would fill Lux’s injury void,” he added.   

The media said, “Coach Roberts said earlier that veteran infielder Miguel Rojas could also help Taylor along with Taylor this season.” Rojas, who was scheduled to play for Venezuela’s WBC team, withdrew from his squad due to Lux’s injury. 

‘Inside the Dodgers’ said, “If the Dodgers make good use of both Taylor and Rojas, they will be able to fill Lux’s injury gap with an inside option. As the Dodgers prepare for this season, Taylor’s appointment at shortstop will definitely be worthwhile.”

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