Like Kim Min-jae and Hwang In-beom… A winger born in 1996 who dreams of Europe

National striker Na Sang-ho (27, FC Seoul), who played a big role in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, set three goals.

After leading the rebound of his team, Seoul, which stayed in Final B for the last three seasons in a row, he dreamed of taking on a bigger stage. In addition, he aimed for double-digit goals in his first professional debut in a single season in the K League 1.

At the K-League Media Camp press conference held at the HJ Convention Center in Gangdong-gu, Seoul on the 22nd, Na Sang-ho said, “I always have a desire to challenge the overseas stage.” When taking on new challenges, I hope there will be an environment where (both sides) create good synergy with each other.”

Na Sang-ho made his professional debut at Gwangju FC in 2017 and played two seasons. After that, he went through FC Tokyo and Seongnam FC and wore a Seoul uniform in 2021.

In his first year in Seoul, he scored 9 goals and 6 assists in the league. He continued his compliance last season with 8 goals (4 assists).

Na Sang-ho, who has grown into the league’s top crack during his four seasons in the K-League 1, has yet to reach a double-digit score in a single season. Nine goals in the 2021 season is his highest tally.

In the 2018 season, when he was in Gwangju, he scored 16 goals in the K-League 2.

Na Sang-ho, who boasts balanced skills in both offense and defense, has been consistently called up since 2018, when former national team coach Paulo Bento took over. He was also on the final list for the World Cup in Qatar last year and played a big role in his dream stage. 바카라

After the World Cup, he pushed for a trip to Europe in the winter transfer market. In fact, there were reports that foreign teams such as Greece and the US were keeping an eye on Na Sang-ho.

However, there were no attractive offers, so I chose to stay. This season, he is responsible for the Seoul side once again. So far, his only overseas career is playing for FC Tokyo in Japan for two years from 2019.

Born in 1996 is the backbone of Korean football at this point. Kim Min-jae (Napoli), Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers), and Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) are active as key players in the national team and their clubs.

Na Sang-ho, born in August 1996, also dreams of a European stage like his peers of the same age. It is a healthy stimulant that makes you hold the election ticket on the left side of your chest.

Na Sang-ho said, “My peers are showing good looks abroad, and seeing them makes me want to challenge Europe.” You will be able to persevere and succeed,” he sharpened his blade.

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