Lee Hae-in, who had the best season, “The next goal is the triple axel”

‘Next generation figure skating queen’ Lee Hae-in (18) expressed her desire to perform the triple axel, a high-difficulty jump, in the program next season.

Lee Hae-in had the best year of her career this season, winning gold at the Four Continents, silver at the World Championships, and silver at the World Team Trophy.

She was supposed to take off her boots and take a break, but her busy days, such as her delayed studies, continue. Of course, there are no breaks in skating.

Lee Hae-in, whom I met at the ice rink in Taereung National Training Center on the 28th, devoted himself to training for about an hour, checking his step acting as well as his jumping skills.

In previous practice, Lee Hae-in often performed a triple axel that rotated three and a half turns, but she omitted the triple axel in today’s training.

“She didn’t practice her triple axel after the Team Trophy competition,” said Lee Hae-in.

As much as she has a successful experience, she is eager to put a triple axel in her program next season.

Although Lee Hae-in has already demonstrated a highly-perfect triple lutz-triple toe loop combination jump this season, she has an endless desire to try new jumps.

Lee Hae-in said, “I decided to practice the triple axel because I wanted to add more new jumps during my career and compete in competitions.”

먹튀검증 At the same time, she said, “I believe that if you work hard and practice a lot, your success rate will increase.”

Lee Hae-in, who is preparing for the next program after leaving for the United States in May, predicted a change, saying, “The music has not been decided yet, but I would like to try a new image.”

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