LAA Top Prospects Without Seats, “I’ll Start in the Minor Leagues”

The Los Angeles Angels are preparing for the next season as they complete the outfield this offseason. As a result, prospects from the first round are unable to find a place.

The Angels acquired Hunter Renfro in a trade this offseason, and completed their outfield setup earlier this month by signing Brett Phillips to a one-year contract. He formed an outfield line that led to Trout, Taylor Ward and Hunter Renfro, with Phillips filling the all-weather backup role.

As a result, the positions of prospects Joe Adele and Mickey Moniak became ambiguous. Without injuries, these players are not given many chances.

Adele was the 10th overall player in the first round of 2017, and has also risen to the top of the team’s prospect rankings. However, he has not been able to show that figure in the big leagues, and he is below expectations.

Moniak, the first overall pick in the first round of the 2016 draft, wore an Angels uniform at the trade deadline last year in exchange for Noah Syndergaard. Moniak’s appearance is even more disappointing. He has a career batting average of just 0.157 and has only four home runs. 온라인바카라.Neither player got a chance and was in danger of becoming a mediocre player.

In an interview with a local reporter on the 12th (Korean time), Angels general manager Perry Minacian said, “I know this fact. Both players will start the season in the minor leagues.”

“They are both talented young players. We seem to be forgetting how young both players are. He is a player who has not even turned a corner in his career yet, and he can do better. Both players are working hard this offseason.”

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