Kim Yeon-kyung, Yang Hyo-jin, 3rd in domestic scoring… A national striker looking at the first 500 points in his debut “I play volleyball well”

“I think I am playing volleyball that suits me well.”

Pyo Seung-joo (31), an outside hitter at IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, is making a big success in various fields this season.

Pyo Seung-joo started all 22 games his team played and recorded 304 points in 22 games (82 sets), an attack success rate of 33.84%, a receiving efficiency of 35.16%, and a digg of 3.915 per set. He ranks 6th in defense, 7th in dig, 10th in scoring and 11th in offensive percentage.

Particular attention should be paid to scoring. It is only three times, including this season, that Pyo Seung-ju, who had a strong image as a housekeeper, exceeded 300 points in a single season. While playing for GS Caltex in the 2015-16 season, he scored 369 points, the highest score in a single season for an individual. In his last season he scored 357 points.

He has only played 22 matches yet, and is 304 points. Assuming that he plays 36 matches normally, it is calculated that Pyo Seung-joo’s score can increase to a maximum of 497 points. Not only will he break the 400 mark for the first time in his debut, but he can also look at the 500 mark.

In the Korea Expressway Corporation match held at home on the 17th, he scored 12 points, with an attack success rate of 42.86% and a receiving efficiency of 62.5%, contributing to the team’s escape from 4 consecutive losses.

Pyo Seung-ju said, “Now our team is playing fast volleyball. It suits me well, and I think I am playing volleyball that I can do well.”

He continued, “In fact, I managed to survive through the first to third rounds. However, as the 4th round came in, it continued to go down. I have to show a good image no matter what, so I’m working hard. It is true that I am tired, but I still have a lot of season left. I think you need to manage your physical strength or mental part. If we play with the current atmosphere and feeling, I think it will be a more meaningful season than a career high.” 온라인카지노

It is difficult for Kim Hee-jin to attack normally due to knee pain. So, unlike Pyo Seung-ju, if Santana (registered name Santana)’s outside heater attack doesn’t explode, it’s difficult to win IBK Industrial Bank

Pyo Seung-joo also said, “If Santana and I don’t work out, our team will have a hard time. So I talk a lot with Santana, and I talk a lot with the setter and the coach. We can go easily if we pay a lot of points. Like before the road construction, it has to be done well to bring about good results.”

You have to attack, and you have to blow your body on defense. The amount of activity and offense that has grown bigger than before, and even the share of defense that should be done originally. Pyo Seung-ju is busy.

Pyo Seung-ju said, “If you take a break in a tired state right now, your body may sag further. I am training with the coach and trainers. I think it’s better to do a lot of weight training during the season. If I don’t do a lot of weight, my condition deteriorates,” he said.

IBK Industrial Bank (25 points, 8 wins, 14 losses) lost all four games in 2023 and failed to rebound in the rankings. However, while catching the road construction, he won his first win in 2023, and also reduced the difference between the 3rd place road construction (32 points, 11 wins, 10 losses) to 7 points, saving hopes for spring volleyball.

Pyo Seung-joo said, “It is true that the team atmosphere was bad as the losing streak got longer, but it feels good to end the losing streak. I hope to win more for the rest of the season.”


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