‘Kim Yeon-kyung 19 points’ Heungkuk Life Insurance, finally the first solo 1st place of the season ‘Impressed’ … 3-0 complete victory over Pepper

Heungkuk Life Insurance finally came in first place.

Heungkuk Life Insurance won with a set score of 3-0 (25-17 25-18 25-19) in the 5th round of the ‘2022-2023 Dodram V League’ against Pepper Savings Bank held at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium at 7 pm on the 15th.

With this victory, Heungkuk Life Insurance finally rose to the top spot. With 63 points (21 wins, 7 losses), they defeated Hyundai E&C (61 points) and recaptured the top spot.

Heungkuk Life Insurance had an opportunity to rise to first place ahead of the IBK Industrial Bank match on the 11th, but failed to achieve it as it was defeated. The second chance has come. This is because Hyundai E&C was hit by Korea Expressway Corporation on the 14th and could not accumulate points. And this time I didn’t miss it.

Kim Yeon-kyung scored 19 points and Yelena scored 16 points. Nia Reed contributed 22 points but could not prevent the loss

In the first set, 4-3, Kim Yeon-kyung’s three consecutive goals overwhelmed the atmosphere. Heungkuk Life’s receive was solid. At the same time, it seemed to be connected neatly to the attack.

Pepper Savings Bank was eagerly pursuing. Nia Reid fought hard, and Park Kyung-hyun and Seo Chae-won also joined the attack and caught up to 14-11. But Beomsil got in the way. Niared and Park Kyung-Hyun lost the power to pursue as they twisted in the attack. In the end, Heungkuk Life Insurance, who did not lose the flow, won the first set.

The second set was tight. The pattern of ties and reversals continued. At 12-12, the extra game began to unfold. After Lee Go-eun of Pepper Savings Bank made a mistake, Nia Reed’s back attack was blocked by Yelena’s blocking. Kim Da-eun and Yelena’s consecutive open attacks worked, leading to the largest score difference in the second set at 17-13. Heungkuk Life Insurance, who stepped on the 20-point high first, shook off the pursuit of Pepper Savings Bank and even brought the second set. Kim Yeon-kyung finished it.

Heungkuk Life Insurance ended the game early. 안전놀이터 At the beginning of the 3rd set, Kim Yeon-kyung spewed fire. He was responsible for the atmosphere with consecutive goals. However, the pursuit of Pepper Savings Bank was fierce. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s solid receive broke through. Lee Han-bi’s consecutive goals were added to Nia Reed’s strong blow to balance the score 11-11.

The solution was Kim Yeon-kyung. She ran away, scoring three straight runs. Substitute Do Soo-bin’s defense became a stepping stone. Heungkuk Life Insurance, who reached 20 points first due to the opponent’s mistake, ended the game with a victory.

[Heungkuk Life Insurance is delighted at the match between Heungkuk Life Insurance and Pepper Savings Bank in the women’s division of the ‘2022-2023 Dodram V League’ held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the afternoon of the 15th.

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