Kang Dong-gung’s Repence and others shine as SK Rent-a-Car records first 2R win over Huon’s

SK Rent-a-Car Direct reported its first win of the second round thanks to an even performance from its players. The Blue One Angels extended their winning streak to two games, while the first-round winners, the NHL Card, continued their dominance in the second round and recorded their seventh straight win.

On the second day of the 23/24 Season Welcome Savings Bank Team League 2R at Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, SK Rent-a-Car defeated Huon’s with a set score of 4:1, Blue One Angels defeated Crown HaeTae 4:3, and NHL Card defeated Welcome Savings Bank 4:1. In the final match, Hi-One Winners defeated Eswai Bazar 4:3.

The interim results of the second round (through the 17th) are: 1st place Blue One, NHK Card (2 wins, 5 points); 3rd place Eswai (1 win, 1 loss, 4 points); 4th place SK Rent-a-Car (1 win, 3 points); 5th place Haiwon (1 win, 1 loss, 3 points); 6th place Welcome Savings Bank (1 win, 1 loss, 2 points); 7th place Crown Haetae, Huon’s (2 losses, 1 point); 9th place Hana Card (1 loss, 0 points).

SK Rent-a-Car, which finished tied for seventh place with 2-6 (9 points) in the first round, had a smooth offensive performance against the Huon’s on the day, earning three points.

In the first set (Men’s Doubles), Nguyen Dinh Nai and Gyung Hwi Kyeom defeated Palazon and Choi Sung Won 11:6 in eight games to take control of the match. In the second set (Women’s Doubles), Hidaorie and Kang Ji-eun teamed up to defeat Jang Ga-yeon of Jeon Ae-lin (9:6).

The third set attracted a lot of attention as it was a matchup between Kangdonggung vs. Signer and Ace. However, the match ended with Gangdonggung’s 15:7 (8 games) victory. SK Rent-a-Car took an early lead by winning the first three sets. They dropped the fourth set (mixed doubles), but in the fifth set (men’s singles), Repence defeated Palazon 11:8 (7 games) to record their first win of the second round.

The Blue One Angels recorded their second straight win in the second round, defeating Crown HaeTae in a tight full-set match with a set score of 4:3. On the other hand, Crown Hae-tae, who narrowly lost the first round to the NHK Cards by one point, fell into a slump with two straight losses.

Blue One dropped the first two sets to fall behind 0:2, but Zapata rallied to take the third set. In the fourth set, BLUEONE tied the set at 2:2 when Kang Min-gu defeated Kim Jae-geun and Baek Min-ju. However, Kang Min-gu dropped the fifth set (men’s singles) to fall behind again. However, BLUEWON won the sixth set (Women’s Singles) as Song defeated Lim Jeong-sook 9:7, and the seventh set as Chapak defeated Kim Tae-kwan 11:9. For Blue One, Surong played a crucial role in the team’s victory with two wins.

The NHK Cards continued their dominance from the first round. Led by captain Jo Jae-ho, his teammates played their roles and easily defeated Welcome Savings Bank 4:1. In particular, Jo led the team by securing victories in the first set (men’s doubles) and third set (individual singles). The NHK Cards have won seven straight matches from the first round to this day.

Haiwon battled Eswai through six sets at 1:1, 2:2, and 3:3 before Lee Chung-bok defeated Hwang Deuk-hee 11:3 (5) in the seventh and final set (singles) to clinch the match 4:3. Haiwon got off to a bad start by dropping the first set (0:11), but managed to secure a hard-fought victory thanks to the combined four wins of Im Rae and Yong Hyun-ji. 토토사이트

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