‘It’s only been 2 months, can’t it?’ Klinsman, Tottenham’s next manager candidate, British media ‘may not have gone to see Son Heung-min’, KFA “unfounded”

‘No way?’ But, it’s pretty nerve-wracking news.

There have been rumors of Jurgen Klinsmann returning to Europe. On the 17th (hereinafter Korean time), multiple media outlets in England and Germany reported that ‘Director Klinsmann has been nominated for the next manager of Tottenham’. Tottenham recently sacked manager Antonio Conte. Currently, Tottenham’s head coach Christian Stellini is leading the team as acting manager. The goal is to advance to the European Champions League, but it is not an easy situation. Tottenham are quickly looking for a successor manager. Former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann, former Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino, former Chelsea manager Graham Porter, former Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers, Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi and Burnley manager Vincent Kompany are all on the list. 안전놀이터

Director Klinsman also seems to be in the candidate pool. A savvy German kicker also reported this. According to Kicker, head coach Klinsman is the most recently mentioned candidate. As is known, coach Klinsman is from Tottenham’s legend. He played briefly at Tottenham, but he is treated as a legend with a tremendous performance to prevent the team from relegation. He played 68 games and scored 38 goals in two splits. Manager Klinsmann is quite a popular figure at Tottenham. Son Heung-min also said, “There are people in our club who have seen the coach since they were players, and there are people who have lived together in the club. We talked a lot. Seeing that the club said, ‘I’m glad I met a good person,’ I was more excited.” have done

Coincidentally, this report came out after Klinsman watched the Tottenham match. Coach Klinsman, who finished the A match in March, boarded a plane to Europe on the 14th. To check the European faction. The beginning of the journey was ‘Captain’ Son Heung-min. Coach Klinsman visited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and met Son Heung-min. Tottenham also quickly reported the meeting between coach Klinsman and Son Heung-min. Through the club’s official SNS, a video was released with the title “Two special guests have arrived.” In the released video, Son Heung-min signed the children’s uniforms and immediately turned around to greet coach Klinsman. Coach Andreas Herrchowk was also there. Coach Klinsman took the microphone directly at halftime and greeted the fans, saying, “It is an honor to coach Son Heung-min. I will lead Korea to win the Asian Cup.” Heung-Min Son scored two goals in a row with coach Klinsman’s encouragement.

England’s Team Talk said, ‘The appearance of coach Klinsman, who watched the match against Bournemouth, was another Tottenham manager’s competitor. The reason Clinsman visited Tottenham was to see Son Heung-min, but maybe it was to develop the situation further.’ It is not the first time that Klinsmann has been rumored to be appointed as manager of Tottenham. Klinsman said he had previously spoken with chairman Daniel Levy about his appointment. Tottenham have chosen Nuno Espirito Santo as manager over Klinsman.

Coach Klinsman recently took the helm of the Korean national team. He played until his debut. He played two matches against Colombia and Uruguay, showing promise as an attacking footballer. He lived a savage life for a long time. In 2019, he took over as manager of Hertha Berlin (Germany), but after only two months of shock resignation, he could not find a team. One of the reasons for accepting the condition of the Korean national team was his willingness to return to the field. However, rumors of an unexpected return to Europe continued. Manager Klinsmann has taken charge of German clubs such as Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin, but has failed. Team Talk said, ‘If Clinsman wants to take over Tottenham, he will have to cancel his promise with the Korean national team, which is scheduled to last until the 2026 World Cup.’ As coach Klinsman’s final goal is likely to be a return to the European mainstream, the situation could change if Tottenham shows an active will. Director Klinsman already has a precedent of making an unexpected ‘run’.

First of all, coach Klinsman denied “no” to the question of ‘whether you intend to take over as Tottenham manager’ in an interview with Sky Sports. He emphasized, “I am very satisfied with the role I have played in Korea.” The Korea Football Association also expressed discomfort with the Tottenham transfer rumor, saying it was “unfounded.” Head coach Klinsmann is currently on a business trip to Europe. Coach Klinsman, who watched Celtic striker Oh Hyun-kyu at Kilmarnock, will move to Naples, Italy on the 19th. He meets Minjae Kim. I was scheduled to watch the second leg of the quarterfinals of the European Champions League between Napoli and AC Milan, but unfortunately, Kim Min-jae’s absence was confirmed due to the accumulation of warnings. Lastly, coach Klinsmann, who is going to his home country Germany, comes to see the Korean Bundesliga. He will watch the matches between Mainz and Bayern Munich, where Lee Jae-seong plays, on the 22nd, and Freiburg and Schalke, where Jung Woo-young belongs, on the 23rd.

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