In the end, it’s up to Messi… Messi’s return to Barcelona

It’s up to Lionel Messi.

Messi will become a free agent (FA) for the upcoming summer. Messi’s current team, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), is trying to catch Messi, but there is no talk of renewal of the contract yet, so there is speculation that Messi will leave the team in the summer. Barcelona, ​​American Major League Soccer (MLS), and the Middle East are largely mentioned as Messi’s next destinations, and among them, much attention is focused on the possibility of Messi returning to Barcelona, ​​where he has played since childhood.

Three conditions must be met to see Messi play in a Barcelona shirt again. Fernando Polo of Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’ revealed these three conditions, saying, “Barcelona is trying to take a conservative stance towards Messi.”

First, Messi’s intention to return must be clear. “It will only work when Messi decides to focus on returning to Barcelona rather than renewing his contract with PSG,” Polo explained. “It is important that Messi want to return despite the financial problems. Many officials, including Barcelona’s president Juan Laporta, are hoping for Messi’s return, but there is no way to know what Messi is thinking.

The second is the decision of President Laporta. As mentioned earlier, President Laporta wants Messi to return, but he is not in a hurry. “Barcelona want to see what’s going on,” Polo said. I think it’s only good when it’s effective.” 스포츠토토

Finally, Messi has to accept that if he returns to Barcelona he may not be in the same position as before. Messi was an irreplaceable resource in Barcelona in the past, as well as a player with considerable influence. “Messi has to accept a different role on the team and in the locker room given his own age and the leadership of the other players,” said Polo.

Of course, all of this is only possible if Messi’s intention to return is clear. Messi’s contract period is about 3 months left, attention is paid to what decision Messi will make.

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