“I didn’t even mention JunPO”… The ‘burden’ that the chief is wary of

“I didn’t even mention the semi-playoffs (PO) at all.”

Performance may not come out because of the pressure. Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min said he was looking for a way to reduce the burden on players ahead of the 6th round confrontation with Pepper Savings Bank in the Dodram 2022-2023 V League held at Pepper Stadium on the 14th.

Highway Corporation, which has already confirmed its entry into spring volleyball, is confirmed for third place when it secures 3 points. If the difference in victory points between 3rd and 4th places is 3 or less, it is necessary to secure as many victory points as possible in order to stop the semi-PO.

Road construction manager Kim Jong-min said, “The players have a condition that they can show on the court. Today, we focused on getting our hands and feet in sync with each other. There are players who are overly nervous, and I am looking for a way to make them feel comfortable,” he said. “I didn’t even mention the semi-playoffs. Even the story is burdensome. If we do the best we can, there will be no (semi-playoffs),” he laughed.

Pepper Savings Bank has no outsider Nia Reed. Due to the club’s own disciplinary action, it is not possible to participate in the remaining games due to possession of items containing hemp. Still, there is no carelessness. Coach Kim said, “I have seen such games, and the players and I are preparing well because the players have experience.”

The lowest-ranking Pepper Savings Bank puts in a large number of young players on this day. Newcomer Lee Min-seo is in the apositive position, and the setter is Dr. Park. Libero Oh Ji-young suffered from a headache the morning of the day, so it is unknown whether he will play. Acting coach Lee Kyung-soo said, “The players are not in very good condition. We have to finish the last game well, but it is not an easy situation. Oh Ji-young is willing to participate, but is thinking about it,” he said. He said, “I think he will go with Lee Han-bi as the main axis like the last game 온라인카지노

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