“I am confident of 15 wins & 180 innings”… Confident voice, will Medina become the second Hector?

Is it skill? Or is it a sense of boredom? Adonis Medina (27), a new KIA foreign pitcher reminiscent of Hector Noesi, set a grand goal of 15 wins and 180 innings in his debut season in the KBO League. 

Medina became the new foreign pitcher for the KIA Tigers in December last year for a total of $636,000 (about 800 million won). Medina, a native of the Dominican Republic, is a pitcher with a fastball of over 150 km/h and a sinker, with a career record of 19 major league games (2 starts), 1 win, 1 loss, 1 save, 5.35 ERA, and 36 wins in 135 minor league games (106 starts). 33 losses, 2 saves, 2 holds, an average ERA of 3.83.

On the 18th (Korean time), Medina, whom I met at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, said, “I am in good condition. The KIA team is very good, and I heard that it is a club with a thick fan base, and I like that aspect as well.” 

There are some players I have already become friends with. Medina said, “I became close with Yoo Seung-cheol. He told me to call him ‘Coke’. Coke means tail in Spanish,” he said with a bright smile. He became close from then on.”  토토사이트

Among foreign players, I heard a lot of advice from Socrates Brito about life in the KBO League. Medina said, “Socrates told me that baseball is the same wherever you play and work hard, so you just have to do your best.” Medina conducted a total of 4 bullpen pitchings and 1 live pitching until the 18th. Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “Both Medina and Anderson are easy to throw the ball. The commands are consistent and not jagged,” he said. “In particular, Medina’s strength is the 150km two-seam. The feeling of throwing is similar to that of Hector. He is of the same Latin American descent, so he throws softly. I don’t even want Hector. I hope he digests the innings well,” he said, evaluating Medina.

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