Hwang smiles brightly…PL Nottingham training ‘first look’ →Wears number 35

Hwang beamed.

Hwang Ui-jo, who is set to return to his hometown club Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League to make his senior debut, was seen sweating beneath his cheerful exterior at the team’s training center. It will be interesting to see how he fares as he aims to make his Premier League debut for Nottingham, which he failed to do last year.

Hwang’s face was revealed in a training photo released by Nottingham on Wednesday. Wearing a red training shirt with the number 35 on his chest, Hwang is smiling brightly as he looks off to the right. Earlier, Hwang Ui-jo left South Korea on March 3, and two days later, a video of him greeting his teammates raised eyebrows. 토토 가입머니

Nottingham posted a video of him joining the squad on the club’s official YouTube channel on Friday. In the video, Hwang, who was the first to arrive in the locker room, exchanged hand greetings with his teammates and smiled brightly.

Hwang joined Nottingham last summer from French side Girondins Bordeaux.

There were hopes that he could compete for a spot in the first team at the promoted club, but Nottingham promptly loaned him out to Olympiakos in Greece.

The loan to Olympiacos proved to be a failure. He failed to show the form he had shown as a first-team striker in Bordeaux. Even when he was on the pitch, his overall impact was poor. By January, he had made just 12 appearances and hadn’t scored a single goal.

He ended his loan with Olympiakos early and headed to the K League’s FC Seoul. His intention was to focus on recovering his form under Ahn Ik-soo, who was his mentor during his professional debut.

In Seoul, he sang a resurgence song. He scored four goals in 18 games, especially in two of the last three matches, scoring Seoul’s only goals in back-to-back games against Incheon and Pohang. She also tasted her first A-Match goal in a year when she scored the game-winner in the third minute after coming on as a substitute at the start of the second half against El Salvador in the A-Match on March 20.

Since then, Hwang’s personal life has taken a turn for the worse when he was accused by someone claiming to be his ex-girlfriend. She sued him, and he left for England under police investigation.

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