Huayango’s Ahn Joo-hyun and Kim Nak-hyun reunite to donate their talents

How did they meet?

On March 23, Yeosu Huayango met with the Armed Forces Athletic Corps’ Commercial Basketball Team at Heungguk Indoor Gymnasium in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, as part of the Elite Secondary Basketball Talent Donation Program. The program is organized and hosted by the Korea Secondary Basketball Federation and Commercial Basketball Team.

The players learned dribbling, post play, and 2-on-2 play from the team and finished the program with a 5-on-5 mini-game 안전놀이터.

Hwayango captain Ahn Joo-hyun (G, 184 cm) said, “Since I started playing basketball, it’s not often that I get to play with my professional brothers like this, so it was great to be able to do it together. I’m really grateful and thankful to my brothers in business for coming all the way to Yeosu. Being able to play basketball with professional players face-to-face is really special and a great memory,” he said of the donation.

“When I first heard about it (the talent donation), I thought they wouldn’t come here. But when I heard that I was coming to Yeosu and saw the news and articles about the program, I was nervous and excited. I thought about what advice to listen to and what questions to ask,” he added.

Hwayanggo is the alma mater of our CEO, Nakhyun Kim. Ahn Joo-hyun is Kim’s junior, but they have a special connection. His parents were longtime event managers for the former E-Land basketball team. As an elementary school student, Ahn grew up watching the then-professional Kim Nak-hyun up close. “There is an internal affinity,” he says. Kim Nak-hyun also remembered that time and greeted me this time,” he said with a smile.

Finally, he promised to continue to grow.

“My position is a shooter, so the most memorable thing was learning the movements to create shooting chances in 2-on-2. My older brothers also told me that I should always shoot confidently, and that I should create free shots in 2-on-2 and score a lot of them. I will improve my shooting and become a player who can score a lot of free throws according to my brothers’ advice.”

Meanwhile, the team will have individual workout time (weights) on the 24th and a practice game with elite players on the 25th at Yeosu Hwayanggo Gymnasium.

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