Greeting the Year of the Rabbit, New Year’s greetings from stars in the Year of the Rabbit!

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit and is the Year of the Cat. Celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday, a national holiday, we heard from KBL and WKBL’s coaches and players, who are in the year of the rabbit, their determination to welcome the new year.

Director Jeon Chang-jin (Jeonju KCC Egis / Year of the Cat / May 20, 1963)
As it is the Year of the Rabbit, it will be a very meaningful year for me. If the team can even produce good results, I think it will be the best year for me. Next year, I will try to be a more prepared coach than this year. Fans, I hope all of you are healthy in the new year, and even though it’s a difficult time, I hope you always have a fun and happy year.

Lee Jung-Hyun (Seoul Samsung Thunders / Jeongmyoyeon / March 3, 1987)
My team’s situation is not good, so I hope that the team will do well in the Year of the Rabbit and I will also do well. I don’t have any personal goals for the new year, and I want to finish the season without injury. And I want the team to make the playoffs. Now, my year of the ‘Rabbit’ is coming back, please like me a lot and support Samsung a lot! I will do my best.

Song Chang-yong (Seoul SK Knights/ Jeongmyo-nyeon/ March 12, 1987)
Hello, fans, I wish you a happy new year and hope everything goes well. In the new year, I hope that SK Knights and all of their fans can achieve all their wishes and wishes, and I hope everyone is healthy. My resolution for the new year is to work hard on rehab and come back and spend the season injury-free!

Park Chan-hee (Wonju DB Promi/ Year of Jeongmyo/April 17, 1987) The
sad year of 2022 has passed and the new year of the year of Gye-myo has dawned. I hope this year will be a year in which the things I want and mean come true even a little bit. I hope that all the things that the fans hoped for will work out well, and I will do my best to make this year a season where you can enjoy the playoffs passionately with Wonju fans. happy new year.

Dante Cunningham (Changwon LG Sakers / Jeongmyoyeon / April 22, 1987)
In 2023, I hope that not only me, but also my family, our players, and team officials will be a year full of good health. In the new year, we will do our best to maintain good performance and work hard with the goal of advancing to the playoffs. Fans, send generous support and love in the new year, and be healthy! We will prepare hard and show a good image.

Oh Se-geun (Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation/ Jeongmyoyeon / May 20, 1987) This
is Oh Se-geun, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation. The new year has dawned. I hope all the fans are healthy and everything you wish for will come true. As this year is the year of the rabbit, I hope that it will be a year in which I, as a rabbit, can run farther in a cheerful and energetic way. Now, half of the season has passed, but I will do my best so that the team can win again with good results by working harder without injury. Happy new year, everyone. thank you.

Lee Gyeong-eun (Sbud, Shinhan Bank, Incheon/ Jeongmyo-nyeon / July 13, 1987)
Hello. This is Shinhan Bank Lee Kyung-eun. The new year has dawned! As this year is the Year of the Rabbit, I will try to show a more active and bright side of myself on the court, so I hope the fans will be happier and enjoy only things in the new year. I’ll do my best! Happy New Year and stay healthy^^

Kim Jong-un (Asan Woori Bank Woori WON/ Jeongmyo-nyeon/ September 7, 1987) In
the upcoming New Year, I will personally participate in all games without being sick, without great greed, and challenge to win again. Fans, please support Woori Bank a lot, and also give a lot of love to women’s basketball!

Yum Yuna (Cheongju KB Stars / Jeongmyoyeon / September 13, 1987)
Hello! It’s a new year in the year of the cat, and I hope that all your wishes come true in the new year. As much as it is the Year of the Rabbit, I, as the Year of the Rabbit, will work harder to make it to the playoffs, so please come and cheer for the fans! Happy new year, everyone! 카지노사이트

Kim Hyeon-min (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus/ Jeongmyo-nyeon/ September 15, 1987) It
is the first New Year at Hyundai Mobis, and it feels like being reborn. It feels like only good things will continue to happen in the future. I will do my best on and off the court to contribute even a little bit to the team’s victory. Thank you for always supporting Hyundai Mobis and Kim Hyun-min. I hope all the fans are healthy and happy in the new year!

Choi Hee-jin (Cheongju KB Stars/ Year of Jeongmyo/November 10, 1987)
The new year of the year of Gye-myo has dawned. I wish all the fans that everything they wish for will come true. As it is the year of the rabbit, I, who resemble a rabbit, will work harder and have more fun to advance to the playoffs. Happy New Year to all fans!

Kim Dong-ryang (Suwon KT Sonic Boom/ Jeongmyoyeon / November 11, 1987)
Hello, this is KT Kim Dong-ryang. As the upcoming New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, I hope the fans achieve their goals this year. As the upcoming New Year is the Year of the Rabbit, I will do my best to get rid of my injuries and reach my fans as soon as possible. There are still a lot of seasons left, so if the fans cheer a lot, we, KT, will definitely rebound and show good performances. Happy New Year and always be healthy!

Cho Seung-won (Goyang Carrot Jumpers/ Kimyeonyeon/ February 12, 1999)
As a team, I want the team to reach a higher place with the goal of winning, and personally, I will try to melt into the team as soon as possible and become a helpful player. I will do my best to become a player who delights fans with good plays! Thank you for your support and encouragement for coming to the stadium.

Ha Yoon-ki (Suwon KT Sonic Boom/ Freaky Year/ March 12, 1999)
I hope that all the things that fans want come true in the Year of the Rabbit. I will try to become a player who grows higher with a diligent and fast appearance like a rabbit. And this season, I want to contribute to posting good results by working harder in the remaining matches. I will do my best to become a player representing the league. Fans take care of your health and a happy new year to all. thank you.

Kim Dong-jun (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus / Strange Year / March 15, 1999)
It seems that 2022 has passed by really quickly, and expectations are high as we start a new year. As 2023 is the year of the rabbit, I want everything to go well. The fans also worked hard in 2022, and I hope everything you are doing goes well in 2023! happy new year!

Gage Prim (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus/ Gimyeonyeon/ April 8, 1999)
Happy New Year to Hyundai Mobis fans, and I hope that the New Year will be filled with only happy things. In the new year, we will show our fans a good image with more energy and reckless play.

Lee Jung-hyun (Goyang Carrot Jumpers/ Freaky Year/ April 14, 1999)
Hello. This is Goyang Carrot Jumpers Lee Jung-hyun. Greetings in 2023, the year of the rabbit. Celebrating the year of the Rabbit born in 1999, I hope 2023 will be a year of health and happiness for all. Please give lots of love to professional basketball and come to the stadium. We will work hard to show you a fun game and an impressive game. Please cheer Carrot Jumpers a lot~~

Seongjun Yoon (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus/ Freaky Year/ April 15, 1999) Since
2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, there are many exciting and worrying parts, but I hope it will be a better New Year than this year I hope I haven’t been able to accompany the 1st team game yet this season, but I will show a good performance in the D-League and work hard so that I can help the team by going up to the 1st team. I will always try to become a better player today than yesterday. Thank you so much for always supporting the fans, and I will become a player who works hard to show a better image in the new year. Happy new year, everyone!

Kim Han-Young (Changwon LG Sakers/ Gimyeonyeon/ April 18, 1999)
Hello, this is LG Sakers Kim Han-Young. The new year of 2023 has already been bright! In 2023, I will show you how to run hard on the court and do well! Please keep an eye on us! Fans, in 2023, the Year of the Cat, come to the basketball court and receive energy overflowing with energy, and ask for your support and interest until the end!

Jeong Jong-hyeon (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus / Strange Year / June 1, 1999) It
‘s also the year of the rabbit, so I think something good is waiting for me. In this new year, I am trying to start the year with a new mindset and a new reborn me by making changes to my work (basketball) and other aspects of my life and personality. The new year was also bright. Thank you so much for coming to cheer me hard despite being busy and very cold this winter, and if you support me until the end of the remaining half of the season, I will give you even greater strength and repay you with good results. I wish you all the best in this new year.

Seon Sang-hyeok (Seoul SK Knights/ Strange Year/ June 10, 1999)
Happy New Year to all the fans and I hope you take care of your health! My New Year’s wish for 2023 is to spend a healthy year without injury and help SK Knights achieve good results. At the same time, I will continue to work hard and do my best to rise to the first team. Happy New Year once again!

Kiana Smith (Yongin Samsung Life Insurance Bloomings/ Strange Year/ June 10, 1999)
I didn’t know it was a rabbit, but thank you for letting me know. 2022 has been the best year ever. The most memorable moments were when I reached the Final 4 in the US and was selected for the WNBA, and in Korea, I was selected for the WKBL and beat Woori Bank. I hope 2023 will be as good a year as 2022. A year passes quickly, so please enjoy every day and have a fruitful day and support Bloomings a lot.

Kim Jong-ho (Changwon LG Sakers/ Gimyeonyeon/ June 15, 1999)
Hello. This is LG Sakers Kim Jong-ho. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the fans, I’m having a good season, but I’m not satisfied with the current ranking, and I’m working hard and preparing to go up to a higher place this year. Thank you for your support for the rest of the season. Also, the weather has become very cold, so be careful not to catch a cold and I hope you have a warm and happy year-end and New Year holidays. thank you.

Lee Min-seok (Wonju DB Promy/ Year of Strange/ June 26, 1999)
The New Year of the Year of the Cat has dawned. I hope that all the fans will come true and be healthy. As it is the year of the rabbit, I hope it will be a year in which I can grow a lot. Please support DB a lot for the rest of the game and I will work hard so that I can participate in the game too. Everyone, please be careful of the flu and corona, and support DB a lot. happy new year!

Sam Joseph Bellangel (Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus/ Strange Year/ June 27, 1999)
This New Year will be a completely new experience for me. Because it is the first year to spend and welcome Christmas away from family and loved ones. It’s true that it’s exciting. It’s New Year’s Eve in Korea, and you’ll be able to see how Koreans celebrate the New Year. It snows in Korea too! I hope you all had a great year 2022. Everyone has had a lot of fun and difficulties during the year. However, as it is a new year, I hope to start everything anew in 2023. I hope it will be the best year for everyone, and our team players, including myself, will do our best to win the game to make our fans happy and proud. My personal goal for 2023 is to be the best version of me. Go for it!

Myung-Jin Seo (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus/ Gimyeonyeon/ June 29, 1999) As
we always welcome the New Year during the season, time seems to pass quickly. I will become a player who can work harder and develop as I started my professional life earlier than other players of the same age born in 1999. Every new year, we work harder than last year. I will show you a more mature image as I have turned 25 years old. In addition, we will continue to show our growth by showing the mindset we have on the court as it is. Thank you for your love and support throughout the year. As much love and support as we received, we will repay you on the court! happy new year!

Kim Ji-eun (Busan BNK Some/ Strange Year/ July 3, 1999)
The new year has dawned! Half of the season has already passed, and thanks to the support of the fans, the season seems to be going well. This year, as it is the year of the rabbit, I want to grow even higher and higher. Fans, I hope that you will be healthier and do better in the new year. I will do my best to show myself on the court! I would be grateful if you all support BNK and me, Kim Ji-eun, and give them strength. Happy new year everyone~ Happy new year!!

Lee Woo-seok (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus/ Bizarre year/ July 10, 1999)
Time has already passed and the New Year is coming, so it is new again. Last season, I learned a lot and achieved a lot, so it was full of things I am grateful for. It is said that this year is the year of the rabbit, but since I was born in 1999, I want to receive that energy and contribute and lead the team to win. There are so many rabbits on our team, so I would appreciate it if you would come to the stadium to receive their energy and give them a lot of support! We will always cheer you on to be healthy and full of happy things this year!

Kim Na-yeon (Yongin Samsung Life Insurance Bloomings/ Kimi-nyeon/ August 11, 1999) Perhaps
because she experienced an injury, she only wishes for good health rather than great greed. And in 2023, I believe that there will be an opportunity to play more on the pitch and I am waiting for that time. In order to do that, I think I need to regain my confidence. That’s why I’m doing personal training and mind control. To all the fans, be healthy and have a happy new year.

Hisashi Moriguchi (Goyang Carrot Jumpers/ Stranger Years/ August 31, 1999)
Dedicated his own weapon to his own strength.
I will do my best to help the team by using my own weapon, speed. Thank you for your support of Carrot Jumpers. Happy New Year, I hope you achieve what you want and have a healthy year!

Shin Min-seok (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus / Strange Year / August 31, 1999) As
we greet the New Year in the middle of the season, time seems to pass faster and I can’t seem to realize my age in mid-twenties. As 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Year of the Rabbit, I would like to show you how to grow up in many areas. Thank you to the fans who always support me, and I hope that things that didn’t work out in 2023 will work out and be healthy! Also, if you come to the stadium and cheer for us, we will show you our performance in return. happy new year!

Ron Jay Avarientos (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus / Gimyeonyeon / September 14, 1999)
Happy New Year to all Hyundai Mobis fans, and I hope you had a good year in 2022. We are waiting for a new year full of better things in the future, so I hope you are healthy. And lastly, in the new year, we will make our fans more happy with more flashy skills and 3-point shots.

Oh Jae-hyeon (Seoul SK Knights/ Strange Year/ November 30, 1999)
Year of the Rabbit New Year has dawned! My personal resolution for the new year is to play every game without injury. And if there is a wish, the biggest wish is for the team to win one more unified championship this year following last year. As the youngest member of the team, I will do my best to bring in good energy whether I play for 1 minute or 1 second!

Moon Si-yoon (Goyang Carrot Jumpers/ Strange Year/ December 10, 1999)
Happy New Year fans! In celebration of the new year of the guinea pig, all the fans, have a healthy and healthy year! Although he is working hard towards a high level in the sport of basketball, these days he feels he is lacking compared to other players who come out of years and hard work. I hope this year will be a year where I become Si-yoon Moon, the player of the year who grows more and has a higher level, and shows a good image without getting hurt!

Cho Eun-hoo (Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation/ Gimyo year/ December 13, 1999) The
new year has dawned. This year, I hope our fans are healthy, everything comes true, and they have a happy year. As this year is also the Year of the Rabbit, I want to enjoy playing basketball until the end without injury and achieve a combined championship with good results like now with our fans. I will work hard and become a player who helps the team. Thank you for your support. Happy new year, everyone!

Jo Jae-woo (Goyang Carrot Jumpers/ Freaky Year/ December 15, 1999) In
celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, since I am a Rabbit, I want to receive only good energy and show a good image to the fans. I would like to. Personally, when the opportunity comes, I want to work harder and show a rookie-like image and spirit. Thank you for your support!

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