Goodbye Minjae Kim!… “Napoli, Italy representative CB selected as a replacement for KIM”

Napoli is almost giving up on protecting Kim Min-jae.

The 20-year-old tall striker of Italy’s Serie A has been spotted as a substitute for Kim Min-jae and is getting closer to signing.

Italy’s leading sports magazine ‘Corriele dello Sport’ said on the 22nd, “Napoli is actively reviewing Giorgio Scalvini, a defender born in 2003, in preparation for the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s transfer.”

Kim Min-jae made his nest in Naples last summer in Turkiye Fenerbahce. Now, it has only been a year since he came to the Italian stage, but he is being recognized for his skills in Serie A and the UEFA Champions League and is receiving love calls from big European clubs for his contribution to Napoli’s Serie A leading solo. 스포츠토토

Manchester United, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain are candidates for Kim Min-jae’s destination. In particular, in the case of Kim Min-jae, if a club with a buyout of 70 billion to 100 billion won appears in the first 15 days of July, Naples can take him.

Corriere dello Sport said, “Napoli is watching the replacement of Kim Min-jae,” and introduced “Scalvini, who plays in the same Serie A Atalanta.”

Scalvini was selected for the Italian national team at a young age, including making his A-match debut in the UEFA Nations League match against Germany in June of last year, and his skills as well as his prospects are being recognized.

Above all, Corriere dello Sport’s assessment is that he is a similar type of defender to Kim Min-jae.

The newspaper explained, “Although he is very tall at 194 cm, he has excellent footwork and is also excellent in the air.” Kim Min-jae is also attracting attention in Europe as a versatile defender as he is 190cm tall and has good skills enough to dribble even into the penalty area.

From Naples’ point of view, competition is inevitable to secure Scalvini, but the idea is that with the money of more than 70 billion won sold by Kim Min-jae, he can bring the contracted Scalvini.

If you interpret it backwards, it means that Kim Min-jae and Naples will inevitably break up.

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