From the first hole, ‘Legendary’ Kyung-Joo Choi learns a few tricks from Chan-Min Jung, the ‘long hitter of superpower’… Securing a reserve date for SK Telecom Open in inclement weather

“I took a good rest. The condition is also good. You have to finish as many holes as possible.”

‘Korea’s Yon Ram’ Jung Chan-min (24, CJ) has taken another step closer to his dream. On the 18th, on the first day of the SK Telecom Open (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) held at the Pinx Golf Club (par 71, 7326 yards) in Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Chan-min Jeong played ‘Legend’ Choi Gyeong-ju (53, SK Telecom) and ‘defending champion’ Kim Bio (33, Hoban Construction). ) and set off in tandem.

메이저사이트 On this day, strong winds and rain fell in Seogwipo, and thick fog rolled in early in the morning, so the game started four hours late. When the fog lifted, a lot of rain poured in a short time, and the fairways and greens were flooded, leading to bad conditions.

Jeong Chan-min, who was about to tee off at noon, did not stand on the teeing ground until 4:05 p.m., four hours late. He said, “I took a good rest. He has no problem physically,” he laughed. He said, “We have to play the rest of the game from tomorrow to Sunday. In order not to put pressure on your stamina, you have to finish as many holes as possible today.”

In 2021, it rained at the SK Telecom Open held here, so Joo-hyung Kim played 33 holes in the final round and lifted the championship trophy.

To avoid forced marches, you need to play as many holes as you can. The wind was strong that day and the race was slow. The organizing committee decided to start the second round after the remaining rounds on the 19th. Initially, there was a rain forecast on the morning of the 18th, but it disappeared this afternoon. Jeju’s weather is unpredictable, so the organizing committee is also tightening its tension. It is a policy not to reduce it to 54 holes by taking advantage of the experience of 2021. He showed his will to complete the 72 holes with super strong water, setting the 22nd as a preliminary day.

If the SK Telecom Open continues until the reserve day, it will be the second case in Korean Tour history and nine years since the 2014 Korea Open. It was Choi Gyeong-ju, co-executive chairman of the tournament, who strongly insisted that the tournament be extended for one more day. In the US Professional Golf (PGA) tour, it is common to play all the designated rounds under any circumstances.

Jung Chan-min, who dreams of entering the PGA Tour, is playing with Choi Kyung-ju for the first time. Jung Chan-min, who has risen to the ranks of rising stars as the best long hitter in Korea, must have a lot to learn from playing with Choi Kyung-ju. Before the start of the first round, he said, “It’s my first time playing with seniors Choi Kyung-ju and Kim Bio. I am nervous and excited because they are great players,” he said. “I think the two of you will take good care of me. We will play in a fun atmosphere,” he laughed. “I think there is a lot to learn. I forgot to say, “I’m looking forward to it.”

There is no reason to abandon the goal of becoming a title holder as long as you have participated in major tournaments. Jeong Chan-min said, “The goal is, of course, to win. I am confident and I feel good because I won the championship. I will do my best to continue.”

In the first hole (par 4) tee shot that started with excitement, Choi Gyeong-ju sent a 253-yard drive with a driver. After setting up the second shot with 108 yards left next to the hole at 2 yards, he got off to a fresh start by catching a birdie. Jung Chan-min, who said he was “nervous,” sent a driver tee shot 274 yards. His second shot with 104 yards remaining landed 8 yards to the right of the pin, but the birdie putt was unsuccessful. From the first hole, it is like learning from the ‘Legend’ in detail and starting.

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