Doosan’s secret technique to make a strong and fast ball ‘longer, farther’

Doosan has a hitter who hits more than 40 homers in a season while using Jamsil Stadium as their home. There is also a pitcher who throws a 150 km/h fastball without difficulty. Doosan’s training draws attention as the secret is captured.Doosan, which is holding a spring camp at the Blacktown International Baseball Center in Australia, is adjusting its sense of practice through its own Cheongbaek match and an evaluation match with the Australian Pro League team. On the day of the game, I spend the day focusing on actual battles, but during training, I have a tight schedule without a break. During training, it is common to say, “Drink a glass of water, catch your breath, and try again.” This means that the intensity is high.

Among these, there is a training that should not be missed. Long tee (training to hit the tossed ball far) and long catch ball. The batter finds swing balance with a long tee, and the pitcher finds pitching balance with a long toss. The act of making a strong and fast ball or throwing a fast ball accurately is all in the realm of the senses. There are inevitably individual differences in the way one uses strength, making it difficult to standardize. 토토사이트 Each person needs to find a ‘how to exert effort’ that suits their body type and muscle strength, so they learn their senses with a long tee or long toss.Raul Alcantara, who throws the fastest ball on the team, said, “I thought I needed to control my weight because I was getting older. He went back to the Dominican Republic after last season to lose weight and came into spring camp in optimal shape.” This means that as you get older, your body speed decreases, so you have to offset it by losing weight. “Balance is key to throwing a fast ball without getting tired,” Alcantara said. So he makes a lot of long toss,” he revealed his know-how.

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