Director Choi Yun-gyeom prepares for the first season of Cheongju in anticipation

This season, K League 2 starts with an expansion from 11 teams to 13 teams. Cheonan City FC and Chungbuk Cheongju FC, two newly joined K-League 2, predict a bloody battle more fierce than ever.

Since both Cheonan and Cheongju are new teams, I have no intention of giving up points easily. In particular, coach Choi Yoon-gyeom (61), who returned to the field after a long absence as the first commanding tower of Cheongju, is more determined than ever.

Coach Choi, who went to Bangkok, Thailand with the players for field training, said in a recent phone call with a reporter, “Before leaving for training, I was excited and excited. As he comes to the field and trains, he has a little bit of desire to make a good team.”

Coach Choi is a coach with a lot of bones in the K-League. Starting with Bucheon SK (currently Jeju United) acting manager in 2001, he has worked for various teams such as Daejeon Citizen (currently Daejeon Hana Citizen), Gangwon FC, Busan I-Park, and Jeju. Not only that, he also coached in Chaycourt Rizespor, Trabzonspor (above Türkiye), and even directed in Hoang Ain Galaai (Vietnam), so he is considered a ‘learning leader’ due to his rich overseas stage experience.온라인카지노

It is the first time coach Choi has ever experienced being the first coach of a new team. So there are a lot of things to pay more attention to. Coach Choi said, “I am grateful to have offered the position of the first coach of a new team. In the meantime, looking at the clubs I have coached, there were many teams that were in poor financial condition or lacking something a little due to circumstances.” So he put a lot of effort into selecting players. He tried to recruit players that fit our team by verifying and repeating one by one.”

I am grateful to have given strength to the selection of players, but it did not give me sufficient financial support. This is a natural limitation that most provincial and provincial clubs have. Coach Choi also had to face this reality while recruiting players. Director Choi said, “Because it is a new team, it is not a situation where we can afford much financially and environmentally. It was a team that was just starting here, so there was more difficulty (recruitment),” he said. “I met the players one by one and convinced them. We explained what kind of team we were and expressed our desire to be together.”

Still, it is fortunate that the composition of foreign players is showing some progress. Australian midfielder Peter was recruited to fill the Asian quarter, and Brazilian striker Paulinho, who can see the left flank and striker, was added. In addition, the Southeast Asian quota was used to recruit Malaysian national striker Kogileswaran Raj. Coach Choi said, “In addition, we are trying to recruit one more striker from Brazil. It can be seen that it is right before the contract is concluded.”

The pro sexually says it all. Even though it is a new team, Cheongju also has to accept this cold reality. As the only coach in his 60s throughout K-League 1 and K-League 2, he has no intention of stepping down easily as it is his first season. Director Choi said, “I think a director must have a certain level of expertise. We need to allow the players to show off their skills on the playground,” he said. “After stepping down as Jeju coach, I studied a lot about the characteristics of K-League 2 and the colors of each team coach while working as a game supervisor. Young coaches may have ambition, but on the contrary, the experience and know-how I have will be lacking,” he emphasized. He continued, “Technical and tactical aspects are important, but we need to make the players play with earnestness and passion. That is the keyword for this season.”

Coach Choi set his goal for this season to be 9th. It’s a little high goal for a new team, but the idea is to create a team that can win at home with good performance and catch both rabbits, performance and spectators. Director Choi said, “In order to create a team that can grow sustainably, there must be a lot of fans. That’s why we are trying to get into the arms of the citizens of Cheongju more, such as social contribution and volunteer activities,” he said. “After that, we have to bring them to the playground. In order to do that, we need to create a challenging team that can win based on good performance at home. I will try to do that this season.”

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