‘Burnout of iron walls?’… Klins Man-ho, will the Asian Cup be held without Kim Min-jae?

“Everyone dreams of winning and fights to win. Winning doesn’t come for free. I want to bring the Asian Cup trophy that I haven’t brought to Korea for a long time” (Son Heung-min) “Setting a goal is

very It’s important. We will set goals through communication

, talk with the players, and deliver the goals. My short-term goal for 10 months is to win the Asian Cup.” . I plan to focus only on my team.” (Kim Min-jae)

‘Monster Defender’ Kim Min-jae expressed his desire to complete his first season in the European big leagues in Naples more perfectly, and said that he wanted to focus on his team rather than the national team.

If Min-jae Kim is absent from the national team for the time being, coach Klinsman will face a situation where he will have to draw a blueprint for winning the Asian Cup without Min-jae Kim, so it seems necessary to come up with a plan for this.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, lost 1-2 to Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.

Including the 2-2 draw against Colombia held four days ago, he allowed ‘multiple runs’ in two consecutive matches.

In the match against Colombia, the first half ended with a two-goal lead, but two goals were conceded in the early part of the second half.

In the game against Uruguay, it was important that they failed to overcome Uruguay’s fierce offensive in the early stages and gave up a corner kick followed by a header in the 10th minute of the first half.

In particular, the Korean defense could not mark the scorer Sebastian Coates at all. There were 5 defenders around him, but no one checked Coates’ movements.

Among them was center back Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae, who met with reporters in the joint coverage area (Mixed Zone) after the game, looked depressed.

“It was a game we had to win, but it’s a pity. I think I need to focus more on set-piece situations,” he said.

He continued, “(The evaluation that there is regret in defense) is not wrong. I will try to match well with his teammates.”

On the ground that day, Kim Min-jae looked very tired.

Kim Min-jae is playing full-time in almost every game in Napoli, which is on the road to winning Serie A.

He participated in the World Cup in Qatar in a poor condition and helped Korea advance to the round of 16.

In response to the reporter’s question, “Isn’t it difficult?” Kim Min-jae revealed his innermost heart.

Kim Min-jae said, “I’m just having a hard time right now, and I’m in a state of mental collapse. He intends to focus only on his team.”

He continued, “It’s hard on the football side and it’s hard on the body, so I want to focus only on my team rather than the national team.”

It was a remark that could be understood as meaning, ‘It is difficult to digest the evaluation match after being called to the national team in this situation’.

When the reporters asked if it was coordinated with the Korea Football Association, Kim Min-jae said, “I can’t say that it was coordinated. We were talking a little.”

I asked for a more detailed explanation, but Kim Min-jae left the Mixed Zone without saying anything more. 메이저사이트

Napoli is currently leading Serie A (71 points). The gap with second place (52 points) Lazio is 19 points, so winning is likely. Min-jae Kim’s solid defense is at the root of the league’s least goals (16 goals).

Napoli is also in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

As for Kim Min-jae, he would like to complete his first season in the European big leagues in Naples more perfectly.

However, coach Klinsman faces the tough situation of winning the Asian Cup without Kim Min-jae.

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