Briquette sharing volunteer activity with Chungnam Asan and Asan City Football Association

Chungnam Asan FC delivered warmth to the region through briquette sharing volunteer activities.

On the 10th, the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Team (owner Park Gyeong-gwi, hereinafter Chungnam Asan), together with the Asan City Football Association (Chairman Jo In-seong), found two vulnerable households living in Oncheon-dong, Asan-si, and delivered 500 briquettes each to the ‘Briquette Sharing Event of Love’. proceeded.

This event, 메이저놀이터 hosted by the Asan Football Association, was attended by around 50 people, including the Asan Football Association president and association members, Chungnam Asan U-18 and U-15 players, parents, and club staff.

U18 captain Yeo Hyeon-jun, who participated in the briquette sharing volunteer activity, said, “This sharing event gave me an opportunity to take more pride as a youth player in the club. I hope the briquettes I delivered will help you spend the cold winter.” .

On the other hand, Chungnam Asan is carrying out various community-oriented activities, such as donation of quarantine items to welfare centers in the jurisdiction, 메이저놀이터 donation of medical expenses for low-income disabled people, and mask donation event for local children’s centers through a walking donation campaign, as well as this briquette sharing volunteer activity. will continue to

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