$500 million Ohtani, not a crazy contract… drove over 10,000 more

“The faith to realize $500 million is growing.”

The prospect that the next contract of Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) will exceed $ 500 million came out early. Whether it’s a free agent contract or an extended contract, it is certain that the time for Ohtani to write new history in the major leagues is getting closer, regardless of which team he joins hands with.

ESPN was convinced on the 18th (Korean time) that Ohtani would become the first $500 million contract in North American professional sports history. At this point, the single largest contract in North American professional sports is a 10-year, $450 million contract signed by NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) in 2020. The largest single contract in the major leagues is a 12-year, $426.5 million contract signed in 2019 by Ohtani’s teammate Mike Trout. 온라인바카라

ESPN has introduced several experts who believe that Ohtani’s contract will actually be less than $500 million. However, it was predicted that if all of the pitchers over the past two years show top-level competitiveness in the major leagues, there is a good chance of breaking the $500 million mark. Rather, it was analyzed that the belief was growing.

First of all, ESPN said that Ohtani was in the top 10 in adjusted score production in 2021-2022, and ranked 9th among players who pitched 200 or more innings. It is a record in the top 8%, and based on fan graphs, WAR of 17.4 over the past two years is the highest in the major leagues.

Subsequently, Ohtani’s athletic ability and baseball sense were mentioned, and the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers was the first destination, and the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets looked at the situation as chasing the Dodgers before Ohtani was recruited. The Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, and Chicago Cubs were also mentioned, and although unlikely, staying with the Los Angeles Angels was also included as an option.

ESPN even took note of the Ohtani effect off the ground. Japan’s NHK’s Otani match live broadcasting and broadcasting rights distribution, and advertising revenue from Japanese brands were discussed. In addition, the Angels held promotions related to Ohtani 7 times in the 2022 season, and the average spectator for the game was more than 41,000. On the other hand, he pointed out that the average attendance at home games without Ohtani promotion was less than 30,000. This is the reality of the Ohtani effect.

ESPN said, “People fly from Japan to see Ohtani. Local restaurants, hotels, and transportation in Anaheim will be added. About 50 Japanese journalists promote the Angels’ brand in Japan. We attracted 22 Japanese brands to Angel Stadium, and exposed 17 advertisements in 2022, breaking the record set by Aaron Judge (New York Yankees, 13).”

This is why it is not strange at all for Ohtani to sign a $500 million contract. Sports Illustrated’s Angels fan Nation Halos Today said on the 20th, “It’s not crazy to expect that Ohtani’s contract will exceed $500 million.” If the Angels part with Ohtani as expected, massive damage is expected both on and off the ground.

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