’10 years of power’ LAD, ‘strength weakening’ → Will SD pass hegemony?

Will the Los Angeles Dodgers’ dominance in the National League West, which has continued since 2013 based on the strongest power, finally come to an end?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reached the top of the National League West nine times in 10 years from 2013 to last year. Even the 2021 season, which stayed in 2nd place, is 1st place and 1 game away.

These LA Dodgers are shaking. Gavin Lux (26), who had high expectations after not signing a big deal in the free agency (FA) market, collapsed, causing a major setback in his power.

Freddie Freeman (34) and Mookie Betts (31) are holding out on the field line of the LA Dodgers, but there is a big gap between the keystone combination that should be the core of the infield.

Due to general manager Andrew Friedman’s personality, there is a high possibility that there will be no trades that risk major bleeding. Miguel Rojas (34) is likely to take over as the starting shortstop.

Also, other than Freeman and Betts, it is difficult to find a top-class fielder in the league. He recruited JD Martinez (36) as the designated hitter, but his slugging power has already declined.

Not only the starting mound, but also the salvation team is far from the best. Analysis that Clayton Kershaw (34) and Julio Urias (27) are holding on, but they are not the championship.

Of course, this is weaker than the evaluation that the LA Dodgers enjoyed as the best team of the past 10 years. They can still try to make it to the postseason.

However, there are many evaluations that the Los Angeles Dodgers will give the district championship to the San Diego Padres, who have maintained their power with a large contract this winter.

This is a different situation from when they lost the district title to San Francisco two years ago. At the time, San Francisco had the best results in most cases. 이브벳 토토

Unlike this, it is predicted that in the 2023 season, it will be pushed by San Diego in terms of actual power. The ancient idiom of 10 years of Kwonbul can also be applied to the LA Dodgers.

Of course, the Los Angeles Dodgers have maintained the top spot in both team strength and minor league farm rankings. This means that there is a bright future even if you fail to win the district right away.

It is noteworthy what prescription the Los Angeles Dodgers will take after the 2010s, when winning the National League West division was taken for granted.

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